4G LTE Roaming in Puerto Rico

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    Okay, so Claro announced a while ago, back in November, that they launched their 4G LTE service in Puerto Rico. I traveled there in August last year and i was roaming on 1x technology. I never even roamed on Claro's 3G and was disappointed that Verizon would post that their 3G technology was set up in Puerto Rico, like it says on their coverage maps. I did everythig on my Droid 4(ICS) to try to see if i could atleast get 3G, but no good. my question is, if Claro really has launched its 4G LTE service in Puerto Rico, will my Droid 4(now on JB) be able to roam on their 4G network, or am i gonna still be stuck on 1x network? I will be going back in August of this year and i dont wanna be without 4G again. -_-
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