4G LTE not accessing website, yet 3G and wi-fi do?

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    Hi all,

    This is a very weird problem I have not encountered on previous devices. Both me and my Fiancee have identical stock HTC Rezounds from Verizon. Prior to this phone, I had a droid where I used Tapatalk frequently to access a particular website forum, as opposed to navigating to it through a browser. Ever since the OTA update from Verizon (the one that gave the signal 5 bars instead of 4 among other fixes), I have not been able to access that website through tapatalk when the phone is in 4G, yet access to droidforums.net is unaffected and works beautifully in 4G. I also cannot access the website if I try to navigate to it using the stock browser, dolphin HD, dolphin mini, and opera.

    Here is where it gets weird. If my phone is in 3G or Wi-Fi, I can access the website just fine through tapatalk or through any of the browsers I mentioned. I originally thought it was my phone, but I went through the same process on my fiancee's phone and got the same results as I noted above. It is important to note that all other apps work flawlessly on either 4G LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi, and everything syncs fine. No abnormal call problems or dropping, and no network dropping either. I have a very strong 4G signal all the time where I live.

    Contacted the websites administrator and a number of other people who have different phones, are able to access the website via Tapatalk flawlessly on 4G to include using the new iPad.

    I have cleared the cache, uninstalled/reinstalled, factory reset, and nothing fixes this problem. I can navigate to any other website I please but that one. Does anybody have any thoughts as to why this may be? It would be highly annoying to have to switch it over to 3G in order to access it, when forums like this work fine. Any information from the community would be greatly appreciated!
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