4G finally reliable in San Diego

Discussion in 'HTC ThunderBolt' started by Johnw, Jun 27, 2011.

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    About 3 weeks ago, I upgraded to MR2 using the RUU since I had been having troubles with hotspot reliability and 4G and 3G connectivity. Even after the MR2 update, I was still having connectivity problems where I would have to constantly disconnect/reconnect mobile data to restore internet connectivity.

    Today, for no apparent reason, 4G is finally reliable in San Diego. I've done nothing different but all of a sudden I'm able to reliably stream Netflix on my iPod touch connected via the hotspot. Previously, I couldn't stream for more than a few minutes before being disconnected.

    And, when I "run ping test" from the Phone Info menu, I finally don't get "Fail IOException" for "HTTP Client Test:". If this keeps going, I may buy another Thunderbolt for my wife when the price drops!