[4.0+]OneClick Scroll v1.0.1 - one touch to scroll to top/bottom of anything scrollab

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    I recently added two new features (Scroll to top and scroll to bottom) for my other app, Button Savior. The more I play with it, the more I believe it should be made as a separate app. So here it is. Since I only spent one day to develop this app, so I will continue through in more features later. I believe this app should work for you. If it doesn't, please post a reply here. Thanks in advanced.

    This app, as in first release, does only two things. But they can come in extremely handy when you are in a situation that you want to quickly return to top of a list or a web page. Before this app, you need to swipe again and again until you hit the top. Things get worse when the list is loooooong. With OneClick Scroll, all you need to do is to tap on top left corner on statusbar to scroll to top and tap on top right corner on statusbar to scroll to bottom.

    I have tested on two of my devices and most apps I have. It works in browser, Facebook, playstore. gmail, contact, phone history...... virtually anything scrollable. If it fails to scroll to top/bottom in your case, please let me know the app that fails.

    Playstore Link (If you can't from Playstore, please wait few hr because I just uploaded today.

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