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    I have the Droid X and looks like with all this new technology coming out, everything will be 4G. My only problem with that is 4G will not be in my area for awhile. I really dont see the use of getting a 4G phone in a 3G area right now.

    I've heard of several people complaining about there 4G phones in 4G areas and still not getting a good signal. I'm not a tech geek but why make all these 4G phones right now and not have the coverage available in all areas?

    A part from the Droid X there are'nt any other 3G phones to compare it with. I guess I will hold on to my X until I have 4G coverage in my area. I was looking at the new Razr coming out. It looks really nice. Have'nt seen any specs on it yet though. Verizon told me that if I got a 4G phone in a 3G area, I would get good performance but not as fast of a performance because its 3G? I told her ok so you all need to step it up and get 4G in these areas so we can buy the phones and get full performance out of them. She said by the end of 2013 all areas would be covered.
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