3G/1G signal display gone?

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by TJConnery, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I rooted my D2G and flashed the Fission ROM. After a very long day, I have the device set up the way I like it, but noticed that the device no longer shows 3G/1G, just signal strength (up in notifications section on top). Does this impact the cell radio at all, or is it just aesthetics?

    Which mobile network should I select? In the stock version, I switched it from Global to CDMA to save battery while stateside. Should I select CDMA / EVDo auto as the equivalent in this mode? Changing to Global mode produces a 3G signal indicator for a few seconds, and then goes away. My goal is minimal battery use with the strongest 3g signal.

    Also, re: mobile networks: I seem to recall reading in this forum somewhere that I loose the Verizon-built Global profile and have noticed the mobile connections page is completely different. I am wondering what I will need to do when I go out of the US and want to use the Global network. I know I need a SIM card patch from what I have read about Fission.

    Any insight on these two areas?
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