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    So, the first story runs into the second story. So please, bear with me, but I had to share with the community!

    On Saturday, the 19th, my ever so sturdy D4 decided it was going to have a fit. Had been working all day, until around 4:30, when I slid the keyboard out to type a text, and the screen wouldn't light up! You could just barely see it. Well, I thought that maybe a setting or something might have caused an error, so I rebooted. Nope, still no dice. I googled the problem, and it seemed that there was an issue with the ribbon connecting the screen to the keyboard, and over time it wears out, causing the screen to have no back light. At this point, I decide it's time to take a trip to Verizon and keep my fingers crossed (No insurance or anything on the phone, and got the phone on launch), hoping that they can do something about it because even though I have an upgrade at the end of the month, I didn't want to lose my unlimited data for, dare I say, an iPhone (Or S3) when the new models (iPhone 6 and G4) are rumored to be out in the summertime. Well, apparently it was covered under manufacturers warranty. So now, I had to wait 5 business days to get it. I was told to call Tuesday (today) to get a tracking number so I can figure out when FedEx would deliver the phone, and sent me on my merry way. Alright. So my phone would come close to my upgrade date. Well, to my surprise, it came YESTERDAY. They gave me free overnight shipping? I'll take it! (It said so on the receipt, but I thought it was wrong)

    Second story, is now that I had my new phone, I had to root it. Out of the box (certified pre owned, whatever) it had 4.0.4. Now the tricky part was rooting it. Tricky, because, I now have a MacBook Pro, and all the root tools are for windows! (gasp) After about an hour of searching on google, and downloading the mac drivers and ADB software needed, I managed to find the scripts to get the phone to root through terminal, and my replacement phone was exactly the same way the old one was, so it's like I didn't even swap phones! (BTW Titanium Backup and SMS Backup are a godsend) So now OTA Rootkeeper is on the phone as a precautionary measure in case any updates are released before the summer. Don't worry, I factory reset my phone. Hopefully they don't see it's rooted until much later =D

    So, that's my stories! Hope you enjoyed my experience! haha