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    Not sure if these are known, or if they are issues that have anything to do with Liberty, so I figured here would be better than the bug thread. Couldn't find them with searches.

    So when I receive a text and my screen is off it flashes on and off for a split second and then a couple seconds later I get the notification tone and LED. weird...

    Also if I delete an SMS thread I end up with another SMS thread at the bottom of the list with the same sender/recipient as the one I deleted with "(no subject)" under it. To make it even stranger the threads that pop up all say Dec 31, 1969 and will not delete even though a long press still brings up the delete thread option. very weird...

    Any insight is much appreciated. Can't wait for v0.8!

    oh yeah... DX running v0.7 with Gingercomb Juiced theme. Been on Liberty since 2.0 with no serious issues to report. Flashed from 2.0 with the toolbox to GB v0.1... then to v0.5, v0.6, and v0.7. did a wipe every time except the last time and have had zero problems other than the minor known bugs. Also overclocked at 1.3 with rediculously low voltages and using multiple profiles... never had an issue.
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    Try flashing it again and do a wipe of data and cache. May solve some problems.

    Also how low are your voltages? I have mine at 22, 32, 42 , and 52? Im trying to see how low I can go, seeing that I want the longest amount of battery life possible.

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