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    Cachepstudio recently launched Farm Management 2 game brand new, graphics chibi extremely nice and funny. Along with a few points in the second character it this game:
    1. Happy Farm
    - Happy farm game interactive community
    - Compelling gameplay: In addition to being a farmer, is planting and tending their crops, you also become a merchant, the main business of their products. That way, you can build your own city.
    - Chibi Graphics elaborately drawn, meticulously
    - Game ranked top 50 on Google Play

    Download game play on Google: http://goo.gl/CW9aLz

    2. Farm fun
    Unlike the happy farm, ranch real fun making the player feel extremely fresh, fast paced game, forcing you to choose quick hand and eye eat the same agricultural products, to get the combo bonus points as well as gift items.
    The main feature of the game:
    ✔ With a certain point of time you have to connect to each other more fruit to be the highest point
    ✔ There will be many kinds of items that help you get higher scores
    ✔ Share your location with friends via Facebook
    ✔ Compare high scores with friends all over the world
    ✔ interface and effects in the game are very nice and lively.

    A few nice in-game screenshot:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Download game play on Google: http://goo.gl/Qu9oYi
    See other games here: http://goldfishvn.com/
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