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    Amazon.com: Arkon Universal Windshield with Dashboard and Vent Mount for Smartphones and PDAs (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

    Arkon Universal Mount

    Although I haven't actually mounted it to my windshield and used it, it feels great and is about what you'd expect for a $15 car mount. It has two turn knobs to allow the arm (which is unfortunately a bit short) to swing in either direction. If you're only using it for music and GPS purposes, then you'll be fine.

    However, if you want to record your trip while it's mounting using your video camera, you have to set the phone up a bit further in the mount, so the camera is hanging off the side a bit. The spring action arms secure it nicely even if it's set up for recording, but the release mechanism feels a bit cheap.

    Overall, I'm really happy with the mount and i'm hoping that it won't break too quickly with extended use of the spring release.


    Amazon.com: Superior OEM for Samsung i500 Fascinate Shell Holster Combo Pack: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Shell Holster Case for Samsung Fascinate

    It's got a nice sturdy feel and at $8, it's really hard to beat. It provides enough protection from drops (although it would be excellent if you didn't drop it) and secures nicely in the holster.

    The holster does not have a top clip to really keep the phone in place, but with the way it is designed, it could be considered overkill if they did add it. It doesn't impair one's ability to reach any of the keys or charging slots.

    My only criticism could be the clip feeling a bit lacking in quality, but it hasn't broken so i'm not in a position to complain. It attached fine to my belt, but I don't understand why the clip is curved instead of straight...my belt isn't curved. I'm also a fan of the hook at the bottom of a lot of clip - I think it would make me feel much for confident about the holster.

    My other small complaint is regarding the "keychain" slot that we all have on the top left corner of our fascinates. I understand that some people use it, but I have never met any of these people nor do I ever plan on hanging anything from my beautiful phone. Anyway, they left a hole open in the case so it can still be accessed. Some may find this to be a good thing, but I find it annoying to feel a much more pronounced gap above my volume key.

    Overall, this case is excellent. I'm very happy to have a holster that can perform when I need it to. For $8, I would definitely recommend it. If the clip breaks, I'll just order an Otterbox commuter for my pocket. :)