2.5GHz Quad Core ? XIAOMI 3S or listed at the end of may

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    23 of this month, Xiaomi launched the mini router, router, box three new products, although Xiaomi 3S didn't appear in the conference, but later in the day, Xiaomi 3S's configuration exposured by netizens . Look from the photos, the machine USES the 2.5GHz quad-core processors, improve the overall configuration. a few days before, the Xiaomi official announced reduce the price of Xiaomi 3(Spemall also reduce $54 of the Xiaomi 3's price, now 64GB Versin only need $384.99, Hurry up ^^^), this situation is similar with Xiaomi 2 , it follows that Xiaomi's move is likely to prepare for new listings. According to sources, Xiaomi 3S could be listed at the end of may.


    In addition, from the perspective of the configuration of the exposure, Xiaomi 3S carrying a frequency of 2.5GHz quad-core processors, with 3gb of RAM, the overall configuration follow the trend, and 2.5 GHz quad-core processors are probably Snapdragon 801 chip , because the present most brand flagship models of this processor has been adopted, so it's not hard to guess.


    Early the Xiaomi 2S listing is similar with now, only Xiaomi 3S not like everyone expected debut on Xiaomi Festival , but according to past practices, Xiaomi 3S should be launch in the first half of this year, is likely to be at the end of may, let's wait and see!