2.2.1 update last night, now all texts gone?!

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by MQAAord, Dec 10, 2010.

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    Hey all.

    I rolled over at about 4am this morning and saw Droid's blinking green light... there was a text and a email alert, but there was also the notification for the 2.2.1 OTA update. I told it to update and went back to sleep.

    Used the phone today for several texts, but no phone calls. I had a LOT of threaded txt (SMS) conversations, and I replied to my sister-in-law's text, and got a reply from a friend in Minnesota instead. The phone sent her text to him! It was still showing in the thread to her, but did NOT get sent to her, it went to another number. So I texted with my friend in MN for a few minutes, told him what was going on, and then re-texted my SIL. She got the message that time.

    Then I noticed ALL MY OTHER TEXT CONVERSATIONS ARE GONE. Deleted. Removed. Nowhere. There was nothing earth-shattering or terribly sentimental about my scads of txt conversations, it was just nice to be able to look back to see "now, what did so-and-so say about that again"? So I'm not in a panic about having lost my txts, just curious as to what the heck happened? And what was up with Droid sending my SIL's text to my other friend? I *know* I sent it to her, it was showing in the threaded message to her! But it didn't go to her, it went to the other friend. Now, the only text conversations it's showing are the convo with him and the convo with my SIL!

    Thankfully, I don't send texts I shouldn't to people I shouldn't.... cuz, if a text like THAT got sent to the wrong person, it could really get one in trouble! :icon_eek:

    Is this some quirk with the update? Anyone else's Droid acting a bit, possessed?! Perhaps I should contact my local clergy for an exorcism or something....