2.1 or not? And need help with diagnosis...

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by Palantirion, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Two questions:
    1) Is 2.1 better for performance than my current 2.0.1? I would like some of the new features, but since I have MANY apps hogging my memory I would not want to sacrifice speed just to get multitouch, etc.

    2) I am running 2.0.1 with Helix, rooted, renamed stock launcher to "launcher.bak" as I was told this would slightly speed up the phone. I once tried to install 2.1 and my phone froze with the exclamation point graphic! I rebooted it and it came back up fine, Helix was happy, but it was still running 2.0.1. What do you think had gone wrong with the install?