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    Hey Everyone,
    I had been running Liberty ROM 2.0.1 and everything was fine. I updated to gingerbread and it was a little too buggy (at least the version I tried), so I SBFed back to stock and rerooted and reinstalled Liberty ROM 2.0.1 but now when I try to change the ringtone or notification tone it tells me that the process com.android.settings stopped and no matter how many times I try it still does this.
    Also, I just noticed that the lock screen that should come up when you hit the button on top of the phone doesn't come up anymore.
    Any Ideas on either of these problems?
    EDIT: I just noticed for some reason the email and phone calls are not working properly either. I am going to re-SBF and make sure all the stuff is working in all the steps to ensure it wasn't something I did lol. Will let you know.
    EDIT: Ok, turns out it was just a bad SBF... needed redoing and all seems fine now. have a great day! If someone wouldn't mind deleting this please do!
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