1C SMS Sender For Samsung Gears

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    For Gear 2 -S2. Not compatible with the Gear Fit 2 although it is Tizen based.
    There is a free 30 day trial version and if after 30 days you want to support the developer the full version is .99 U.S.
    This app is a nice one to have if you want to initiate a text message on your Gear and don't use the stock sms app on your phone. Replies still come via notifications to the text app you are using on your phone and you can interact that way. Tizen still doesn't have a full fledged independent text app capability that shows your history, inbox, etc so it's still a bit cumbersome to text with a Gear smartwatch.
    An app on the phone is used for settings purposes only and after setup it's a totally standalone capable app unless you want to change some settings.
    A choice of 4 keyboard settings
    My personal favorite here
    It uses a form of smart search for contacts ,including the * symbol if the first letter isn't on the initial keyboard, that narrows down contacts as you type the next letter from the suggestions. Like here my daughter Victoria didn't have a V from the app home screen
    [​IMG] so I typed star then "I" to narrow it down. When I typed the c it opened up other choices
    [​IMG] . I typed her and it came back to the content area.
    Here I sent a message to my youngest daughter, who uses Talkatone app, using the same method above.
    You can also swipe right to skip narrowing it down by showing more contacts in your phone book.
    Here is an example of I long pressed the w to make it capitalize
    Here is where it does a proof page before you send and if you don't like it just swipe across to go back a step.
    It takes a moment to send
    Then a message sent
    I'm using the try before buy version now to see if it'd be worth the .99 but the developer is keeping up with it and adding new features, the last update being just a few days ago. The bug that caused so many bad reviews has been fixed in an update prior to the last one so no more crashes.
    My eyes really like the entire 2" of screen being the keyboard and I've been using phones long enough where I can still peck through non qwerty keyboards if need be. Perhaps an update will bring qwerty to the larger sized keyboard options. With it already having swipe gestures I don't see it ever becoming Swype-like capable.
    Samsung will have to open the walled garden of Tizen for any full fledged full feature text app to be capable on the Gears. It's like ios of last decade in that regard. Aftermarket keyboards are few and far between as well as integration of them within aftermarket apps being even more rare is due to the walled garden called Tizen.
    At any rate, here's another standalone capable app that hopefully will find usage and help push the technology a little more forward in spite of Samsung deficiencies. I know so far I'm liking how easy it is to use, even if it never becomes a daily driver.

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