16 or 32 meg?

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    Although you probably were in a corporate store, around here (Mass) there are full size stores (mostly in malls) that have a big Verizon sign at the entrance, and no other markings. These are third party authorized vendors, they sometimes have limited stock, and may or may not be shady/dishonest. There is no information anywhere in the store that would indicate they are not Verizon. One of them almost got my mother to update my plan when she had a problem with her feature phone. She called me and said she was getting a free new phone, she just needed my ok.
    When I asked her where she was she said the Verizon store. I asked to talk to a store employee, who stated about 3 times that "this is Verizon" finally after I said I wasn't aware that the mall store was a corporate store, he said it wasn't.
    Although I wasn't there, I'm pretty sure he was trying to take advantage of a 70 year old lady who thought she was dealing with Verizon.
    My experience with third party vendors (except Costco) has always been pretty bad, my experience with corporate stores has pretty much always resulted in an honest pleasurable experience with a fairly knowledgeable person. (when they don't know an answer they have the resources to find it fairly quickly)
    Sorry for the long post, I just feel that Verizon Employees get a bad rep. on this forum sometimes. (I have no affiliation with Verizon)
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