[ROM] [10/17] [ROM] Another Senseless Rom (with more mods)

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    [10/23] [ROM] Another Senseless Rom V2.5 (with more mods)

    Credits and Thanks:
    Jermaine 151- For Everything He Does
    Wildstang- For his OTA, The New Launcher I'm Using, For the Data Throttle Remover, Helping with themeing (answering questions, and walking me through)
    Sk806- For The 2.1 Quick Settings
    Wdfowty- For The Advanced Reboot Menu
    Fabdroid- For the base of my “thatsincredible” script (quadrant turbo)
    Tiny4579- For USB Fast Charge
    ChainsDD- for Superuser
    3MX10- For Answering All My Dumb Questions
    JtpStealth- For finding all the bugs, and encouraging me to keep updating
    Testers- For Everythign And Feedback
    Anyone I Might Have Missed (Speak Up, I'll Make It Right)

    Android 2.3.4
    Based off 4.00.605.2 OTA
    Sense 2.1 Quick Settings (Sk806)
    Optical Trackpad Wake (Jermaine151)
    Removed GPS Crosshair From Statusbar (Jermaine151)
    Advanced Reboot/Power Menu (Wdfowty)
    Init.d (startup scripts) Support (Jermaine151 and Others)

    Included Apps:
    OI File Manager
    Desk Clock
    Digital Clock Widget
    Launcher2 (themed)
    Spare Parts
    Titanium Backup
    WiFi Tether
    Terminal Emulator

    Install Instructinons- CWM
    1. Nandroid
    2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    3. Wipe Cache
    4. Wipe Dalvik
    5. Wipe /boot And /system (Two Steps) In Mounts And Storage
    6. Install .Zip
    7. Fix Permission In Advance Menu
    8. Reboot
    The First Boot WILL Take A While (I've Installed Numerous Times, Don't Worry)

    Any Feedback You Can Give Me Will Go Toward A Better Rom. Thank You.

    You Tell Me

    Wanting To Fix:
    More Themeing
    CRT On/Off Animation
    Rotary Lockscreen
    Progress Bar On Installation (Bugging Me)
    You Tell Me (please)

    Data Throttle Remover- http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25441818/INC_GB_OTA_DTR.zip

    V1.0 10/7 PM for link
    Initial Release

    V1.5 10/10 PM for link
    Minor bug fixes, Updated apps, Removed unnecessary apps (for size reduction)
    Requires full wipe.

    SuperUser Fix for 1.0 or 1.5 Superuser Fix
    Use only if experiencing FC's with Root required apps.

    V1.5.2 10/11 PM for link
    V1.5 with fixed superuser, superuser binary, and busybox. Not necessary unless coming to ROM new, or not wanting to flash multiple times for 1.5

    V2.0 10/ -http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25441818/Another_SenselessV2.0.zip
    Switched Sony Sketch for a Larger (Ubuntu) Font
    Custom Stock Lockscreen
    Stock Gingerbread Battery with Percent
    Custom Default Wallpaper (My friend Melanie)
    Custom Themed Gingerbread Launcher
    Incorpirated Apps2SD (no longer need app) Just go to manage apps and you can move them.
    (Nearly) Transparent Notification/Quick Settings
    Green Overscroll Effect (Thank you WildStang83)
    Removed Some Apps, Added Titanium Backup
    Added more init.d scripts
    Added enable fast charge usb needs incredicontrol app (tiny4579) http://www.incredikernel.com/wp-con...nitor/download.php?id=IncrediControl-v1.4.apk
    Added custom “thatsincredible” script (open terminal emulator, type “su” (without quotes) enter, type “thatsincredible” (without quotes), enter, and back out.) then run quadrant or linpack while over clocked and show off to your incredible user friends. A more detailed explanation of the Quadrant cheat « FabDroid
    Added Loadable Modules For OTA Gingerbread Kernel (tiny4579)
    Updated Software Info in About Phone :)
    I'm sure there is more, if I can remember i'll update, or if you notice something let me know and i'll update

    No Longer Need To Full Wipe (If Updating From Older Version), Only Cache

    V2.5 10/23 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25441818/Another_SenselessV2.5.zip
    Fixed some theme elements
    Updated Flash Player
    Edited some scripts (seems smootheronce it settles)
    Changed Font (Roboto) ThanksMydroidworld
    Added Gingerbread Keyboard (tweaked byme) Thank you WildStang83
    Possibly more, if I think of thechanges i'll update, or if you see them, point them out.
    MD5- a5dc26bc4fcc5cda8d83072999271bda

    Optional (but recommended)-
    http://www.incredikernel.com/wp-con...wnload.php?id= gingertiny 10/23/11 kernel

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    Please let me know what you guys think, i love feedback.
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    Dude freakin love this rom! It's great fast and nice battery. Thanks!
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