10.1 CM10 couple issues.

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    ok, i'm back lol. so i dropped my bionic, bought a new one. (thank you ebay)
    i was on stock ics.
    rooted using motofail one click.
    (took two tries)
    tibu, su, and screen shot app all worked and showed me i had root.
    installed SS 3.0
    lol got a little lost with the new user interface but moved on.
    CM10 their new 10.1 from here
    Goo.im Downloads - Browsing cm10
    downloaded the gapps provided for the rom.
    everything is installing working good. (excpet the camera but they said that wouldnt.
    so i go to text.
    touch the microphone button.
    now all i get is the keyboard pops up already in voice to text. and it has an error along the lines of " google search has stopped working"
    and then closes itself.
    it does this in texting and on the web.
    i tried wiping the app data, cache, and did a force stop. none helped.
    and i did a restart, still to no avail.
    any suggestions?

    downloaded swift key 3
    it works. had to test so i clicked on the microphone on swiftkey, it creates the same problem. but for swift key force stopping the application. starts it back up fine.
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