1 wk w/ICS & I gr8ly miss GB & here's why.

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    I'm not complaining, just making a personal observation. I use my phone to browse the Web for all the usual reasons. Weather, news, general info, forums, stock prices & on & on. Also I utilize a myriad of apps that in general make my life easier. What I don't see is how this whole ICS version of Android is doing it better for me, the average user.

    If someone would explain to me in not so technical terms how this has made my phone user experience better I would be thrilled.

    Maybe I'm not using ICS in the right way. I liked the old Web browser functions better. It seemed clearer and the choices were fewer. I used to be able to copy and paste things much easier. I used to be able to read things in the bar at the top better. I'm getting older and these things like readability are important. Switching from 4G to 3G when my battery was lower was possible. Now I need to read hieroglyphics and write them to turn on 3G. There's more but you get my point.

    Any thoughts on this would be thrilling. Oh yes, then there's Jelly Bean. I'm sure that will make it even easier for me.
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    Your not only the one. Since ics app used some of them isn't compatible.

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