1 week old droid questions

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    Here are the things I cannot figure out after messing around for a week. Maybe you guys can resolve them for me.

    1. When my brother sends me a pic from his crackberry to my email, it comes as a jpg. attachment. When I try to open it it says "this attachment cannot be displayed". But when I get a word or excel attachment to an email it will open it up just fine. Do I need an app to open jpg's, or is it his phone?

    2. The camera pics are really not clear. The shutter sound also seems to "click" long before the pic is actually taken, making for pics that are unexpected and blurry.

    3. Can I print from my phone to a Bluetooth printer for email attachments?

    4. I know there is some kind of update coming, how are we going to get it? Will it be over the air? Do we need to request it?

    5. Is there a way to change the background color of the dial pad on the phone?

    6. When I forward email attachments to my Gmail account, why do the attachments disappear?

    I absolutely love my phone and just need a little IT support. Thanks!
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