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by dgstorm at Sep 17, 2014
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Although Sony already cut its forecast for smartphone sales in July, they have had to readjust their predictions for the financial year and the outlook is bleak. Sony is now expecting quadruple the losses and it's due to poor sales of their Xperia smartphones.

Sony now expects a 180 billion yen ($1.7 billion) "impairment" after an internal review of its mobile division. Sony shared that they have changed their focus from "achieving significant sales growth" to reducing risk, volatility and "more stable profits." Apparently the mid-range devices were the worst offenders so Sony is likely to return their focus to premium devices.

Source: Sony
by dgstorm at Sep 17, 2014
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The insanity has come to Android now! Goat Simulator is now available on Android. If you haven't tried out Goat Simulator, it is a rare treat in utter astonishment. We won't call it a great game, but it is one of the wackiest ways to have a good time and laugh until your stomach hurts.

There's no way to describe the ridiculous situations you can create while attempting the perfect combo with your acrobatic little goat. It's a bit pricey at $4.99 on the Google Play Store, but that might be worth it for the sheer shock value alone.

Let the mayhem ensue!

Here's a full description from the Google Play Store:

by dgstorm at Sep 17, 2014
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After the folks at Anandtech dug deeper into the source code of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4's Exynos 5433 chipset, they discovered that it uses the new A57/A53 configuration instead of the previous generation Cortex-A15/A7 mashup. ARM themselves have confirmed this to be a 64-bit architecture.

It's odd that Samsung hasn't been touting that fact too loudly and basically only describe the chip as a 1.9 GHz octa-core processor. It is likely that Samsung simply wants to wait until Android L is released because the 64-bit functionality of the chip is mostly useless without a compatible OS to take advantage of it.

Of course, the primary exception to that is that this chipset will support more than 3GB of RAM in a device, but since the Note 4 only comes with 3GB of RAM, there's really no pressure to announce it yet.

Source: AnandTech
by dgstorm at Sep 17, 2014
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Samsung is no stranger to making adorable commercials that tug at your heart or make you laugh. They are also known for using celebrities in many of their ads. This latest one uses all three and is pretty entertaining.

If you aren't fan of Dax Shepard and/or Kristen Bell, you may want to give it a pass, but otherwise, these two are a cute couple and do a great job of making the Galaxy Tab S seem cool and useful. Enjoy!
by dgstorm at Sep 17, 2014
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According to the latest intel, the rumored Android Silver program is probably a completely dead project. This isn't the first time we have heard rumors that the Android Silver project would never see the light of day, but this intel seems to go into more detail as to why.

Here's a quote with the explanation,

When you think about it, this actually makes sense. There is really nothing wrong with Google's Nexus program. The Android Silver program would simply have added unnecessary complication to an already crowded mobile market. Sometimes having too many options can be too confusing for consumers.

by dgstorm at Sep 17, 2014
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Just as predicted (and just like they did before), it looks like AT&T is getting a timed Moto Maker exclusive on the new Moto X. A new rumor suggests Verizon won't get the Moto Maker customized version of the device until September 26th. No other info has been presented at this time regarding Sprint and T-Mobile in all of this, but if this rumor holds true, we expect them to be later as well.

We will keep you updated if this gets corroborated or refuted. Here's a link to Moto Maker.

Source: TKTechNews
by DroidModderX at Sep 16, 2014
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If you have updated your Galaxy S5 to the latest NHA ota update you can root it by flashing the NCG kernel, rooting, and then reflashing the NHA kernel. Once this has been achieved you can then reflash the SafeStrap recovery. Once you have flashed the SafeStrap recovery you can resume installing rom. There is already a stock rooted NHA rom. This rom can also be used by other developers as a base so expect plenty of other development to roll out quickly.

The rom features are limited since this is pretty much stock with root. Features include free native wifi tethering, zipaligned, busybox, initd support, odex and deodex, KNOX removed, removed...
by DroidModderX at Sep 16, 2014
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T-mobile is now updating the LG G3 on their network. Chances are that the Verizon LG G3 will be receiving an update pretty soon too. If you are rooted you will probably want to get your device back to stock before receiving an over the air update, especially if you have changed any of your system files. We still don't have a recovery. So if all you have done is root the device you may can get away with just unrooting it with the unroot option in the systemsu app.

Another reason you will want to grab the TOT file and the Flash Tool is just to have a safety net for when the bootloader is unlocked and we are able to begin flashing...
by DroidModderX at Sep 16, 2014
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There are plenty of you out there that are addicted to Face Book. The website has over 1 Billion monthly active users. That is pretty huge when you consider that it amounts to 1/7th of the world's population. I believe that the one reason users will never be able to fully divorce facebook is the fact that it has become our online photo album. While there are those of you that love to post your life experiences and those who love to see whats going on with friends and loved ones, some of us just want to upload photos and have a place where we can conveniently view them.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

If photos is one of your main uses for facebook there is now a new app that can make this part of facebook even more useful for you. FBView uses your facebook photos to...
by DroidModderX at Sep 16, 2014
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CyanogenMod has been hard at work preparing the next Snapshot build of Kit Kat for your Android device. Another month has passed and anther M build is now available. CyanogenMod 11 M10 has been released for lots of devices. For those of you who aren't familiar CM releases nightly builds which are built by bots. These builds are not as stable since a human has not compiled them. Basically as changes are made to the code it is automatically integrated into nightlies without human oversight. With that CM has put together a monthly release cycle to provide a stable build that has been debugged by a human. The latest build brings some new features and fixes.

ChangeLog For M10

-New Devices: Galaxy...