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by DroidModderX at Sep 19, 2014
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MultiRom and Multiboot have been making their way to many devices lately. One of the newest devices to receive this MultiRom goodness is the LG G2. This comes by way of unofficial port. MultiRom and Multiboot is designed for the crackflasher who loves to try every new rom as they come out. It is also for those of you who are indecisive you can easily flash between roms. You can run one rom one day and easily and quickly swap to another stored rom. This is currently in Alpha stage meaning there are still plenty of bugs to be worked out. You should only try this if you are wanting to test it out, but don't expect to...
by DroidModderX at Sep 19, 2014
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Flyme OS is a skinned version of Android made by Chinese developers of the Meizu team for the MX line of smartphones. It has become pretty sought after with it's elegant design cues. The Flyme OS is based on Android 4.4 Kit Kat. You don't actually have to purchase an MX device to enjoy Flyme. The Flyme Rom has been officially ported over to the Nexus 5! The Rom is said to be completely working with only a few bugs that would not keep you from using it as a daily driver. In other words all the important stuff (camera, bluetooth, wifi, gps, 4g, ect) is working perfectly fine. If you are interested in trying out Flyme head to the source link below.

by DroidModderX at Sep 19, 2014
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I know that this is not an Iphone forum, but I am certain that many of you Android fanatics would love to see a few cryphones get smashed. PhoneBuff flew all the way to Australia so that he could be one of the first to get his hands on each of these devices. What did he do with said devices after flying halfway across the globe, and then camping outside in line? He decided to drop them.

Marques Brownlee reported earlier this year that the Iphone 6 should be coming with sapphire glass. He some what tested the durability with some keys, and a knife and whatever the screen was it wouldn't scratch. He then proceeded to bend the glass with his foot, it would not shatter. Being that he only had the glass and it wasn't attached to a device he couldn't complete a proper drop test. The video above serves as the first ever real drop test for both the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus. How durable is it really.
by DroidModderX at Sep 19, 2014
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The day has finally come. DjrBliss Unlocked the Moto X bootloader on stage at a security conference. He did not release the method, but basically pointed others in the right direction. Today Justin Case has announced that support has been added to SunShine Bootloader Unlock Tool for the Moto G. Support will be added for other Motorola devices soon. This will require that you at least have temp root first. Once temp root is obtained you will run the SunShine app on your phone and it will direct you through the process. You will be required to pay a $25. This ensures that further development for this project will be able to move forward. Head to the link below to grab the download.

via TheRootNinja
by pc747 at Sep 19, 2014
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I have owned the Moto 360 for almost a week now and have some things I like about it and things that I feel needs improvement. I am going to highlight a couple or areas and give it a grade based on my experience.

Cosmetic: For a timepiece this is by far the best looking smart watch available, whether you go black or silver you will not be disappointed with the look of the device. I give the Moto 360 a full 20/20 (A) for the overall look and feel.

Battery Life: We have heard mixed reviews on battery life but I must say that if you turn off ambient screen (as suggested by a number of other reviewers) you will not have any problem getting a full days use. By full days use I mean using it to check the time or other minor things. I have to give this device a 16/20 (B) for battery life as it does a decent job holding up throughout the day.

UI: This is the area that really needs work as far as android wear. Do I swipe left, right, double tap? The user interface for...
by dgstorm at Sep 19, 2014
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We meant to get this up a bit earlier, but the day isn't over yet. You can now pre-order your very own Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at either Verizon or AT&T. Here are the particulars, followed by some links to the respective carriers.
  • AT&T is $34.42 monthly or $299 on a new two-year contract or $850 outright (black or white version available)
  • Verizon is $34 monthly or $299 on contract or $699 outright (only the black version available)
After your pre-order you won't get your device until October 17th (or later). Here are those source links below.
by dgstorm at Sep 19, 2014
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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has barely even been out for very long, but there are already leaked pics of the next generation of the phone. The pics we have here are supposedly of the Samsung SM-A500, which is rumored to be the next Galaxy Alpha device, and may have a final retail name of Samsung Galaxy A5.

What's really strange is that this device is back to a plastic backing, if we are seeing correctly in these pics. Supposedly, the material used will have the premium feel of metal, but will be cheaper to produce, because it won't actually be metal.

It also looks like this device will not be a "high-end" version as the specs are decidedly "mid-range":
  • 5-inch Super AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 400 processing
  • 13MP camera (5MP front-facing)
  • 16GB storage (expandable via MicroSD)
  • 2,330mAh battery
We will keep an eye on this to flesh out any details as they are made available. Be sure to check out all of the pics in the thread below.

by pc747 at Sep 19, 2014
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You finally got your feet up under you where you have a routine of working out and eating right and you are doing it like clockwork. You take your supplements, throw on the music, and grind out another workout with the mission of gaining results. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months to where it becomes second nature. But just as we need a vacation from the daily grind at work so do our bodies. So make sure you take a week where you get away from the routine, and if you like me and must do something, drop it down to a light work out where you are just walking or stretching. You can even look at going to the zoo, local walking trail or beach and walking around enjoying the scenery. The point is to make sure to rest and allow you body to recoup and relax your mind. That rest will do wonders as you will come back refreshed and energized.

When was the last time you taken in some R&R?
by dgstorm at Sep 19, 2014
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Is it a full moon tonight? It seems as if we are finding several stories today that are downright baffling. Apparently, Sprint will not be getting the next generation Moto X smartphone. This was confirmed in a Tweet by Motorola.

We aren't sure why Sprint isn't getting the device. It is bound to be one of the hottest selling Androids on the planet, and is a shame for Sprint customers who were hoping to get it. Share your thoughts on this bizarre decision from Sprint.

Source: Twitter
by dgstorm at Sep 19, 2014
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Something is amiss in Google-land. Google just announced a new policy which has independent developers enraged, and for good reason. As of September 30th, 2014, Google will now require all developers to publish a physical address on the Google Play Store. This is for anyone who wants to host their app on the Google Play Store, and applies to paid apps or apps with in-app purchases. You can see the details in the screen grab below.


Keep in mind that this must be a "physical address," so a Post Office Box won't work. This is wrong on so many levels, it's baffling to fathom that Google would make such a request. Google claims they are doing this to “comply with consumer protection laws,” but this hardly makes sense when you consider that eBay and iTunes are not laying out the same requirements. Could this be a situation in which Google is simply the first to...
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