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by dgstorm at Aug 29, 2014
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It looks like Sprint isn't finished creating extra value for new and current customers. They just announced a new feature of their service which might entice international travelers. They want to make it much cheaper for folks to make calls when traveling overseas.

Their new program offers WiFi calling for customers traveling overseas when calling back to United States, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. This basically eliminates international roaming charges, as long as you are in range of a WiFi hotspot.

For now the only way to take advantage of this service is to have the Galaxy S4 with Sprint Spark. They did share they are planning to bring the service to other devices soon too. This includes the HTC One max, the HTC One (M8), the LG G3, the LG G Flex, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S5 Sport, the Galaxy Mega, the Galaxy Note 3 and the Sharp Aquos Crystal.

Here's a quote with the full presser,

by pc747 at Aug 29, 2014
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It's Friday, the four day weekend is upon us, and many of us are looking to barbecue one last time before the Fall season. Today we are going to piggy back off of last weeks discussion ( and talk about ways you can still live a healthy lifestyle while at a cook out. And unlike the last two discussions we will be opening this thread up to you, the members, to share your tips and recipes for the others to enjoy. First off here are a few tips from us:

  1. Fill up your plate with more green: You are huddled around with friends and/or family snacking and sipping on some carbonated beverages, it is easy to lose track of the number of chips and cookies you have eaten. So make it a point to add some fruit and vegetables to you plate. This will help to fill you up while lowering your caloric intake.
  2. Do not forget the water: It is easy to not...
by dgstorm at Aug 29, 2014
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Here's a quick off-topic journey for you guys to take today for a quick laugh. The Oculus Rift is the current pinnacle of Virtual Reality technology. The tech is continuing get better and better, which will inevitably lead to an evolution which will fulfill the VR dream first suggested decades ago.

In the video above, the folks who bring you the funny "kids react" series to old technology have gone in the other direction by offering up an "elders react" series to new technology. It's pretty funny and sometimes poignant how the chosen "elders" react to the Oculus Rift.

After watching this, we think perhaps that Facebook's choice to purchase Oculus Rift for $2 Billion wasn't such a bad deal at all. Share your thoughts.
by dgstorm at Aug 29, 2014
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This is sad news for AT&T owners of the HTC One M8. HTC apparently had to halt the roll-out of the Android 4.4.3 update to the AT&T version of the device due to severe battery drain issues discovered at the last minute by users.

HTC felt the issue was widespread enough to halt the update for review. Here's a quick breakdown of what the update will include once HTC irons out the issues and gets it rolling again.
  • System Improvements - Android 4.4.3, Security fixes
  • Performance optimization - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile network
  • Sense experience optimization - Boomsound, Extreme Power Saving Mode, Motion Launch, Quick Setting
  • Application updates - Camera, Gallery (Image Match), Settings (Power History), HTC Sync Manager
We'll keep you updated when the update gets going again.

Source: PhoneArena
by dgstorm at Aug 29, 2014
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Samsung's big Galaxy Note 4 launch is next week, and they apparently don't want us to forget about it this weekend. They just fired off another video teaser making sure we are aware of their Unpacked event on September 3rd.

We've lost count of the number of videos they have been using to gear up their hype machine. This one is actually pretty cool. It includes rocket-ships, ninjas, airplanes, race cars, motorcycles, ice cream and much more!

Its only real point is that life is full of exciting things to "note" about. I guess that's a decent marketing gimmick...
by dgstorm at Aug 29, 2014
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For folks who were hoping the Sony Xperia Z3 would come to a US carrier, we have some good news and bad news for you today. The good news is that it is coming to a US carrier. The bad news is only bad news if you aren't on Sprint, because that's the carrier who will be picking it up.

Of course, it's still possible some of the other carriers will pick it up too. In fact, in the past, both AT&T and T-Mobile have sold some of the Xperia line phones. It's good to see Sony devices finally spreading out, but we don't expect massive success in the US for Sony until they work out a deal with Verizon.

Incidentally, it is Softbank who is picking up the device, so it will also be sold in Japan through them as well.

Sony's official unveiling of the device will occur on September 3rd. That's the same day Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy Note 4.

Do you hope the Xperia Z3 will come to your carrier of choice?

by dgstorm at Aug 29, 2014
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Nokia's HERE maps app has come to Android. Initially it will only be available as a timed exclusive on Samsung Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S5. If you haven't heard of it, HERE is an alternative to Google Maps. Although some might think that's the equivalent of trading in a Ferrari for a Fred Flintstone foot-propelled car, that's not exactly true.

We must admit that it has some intriguing unique features. It also has a stellar reputation in European countries, especially the UK. It's main claim to fame is the ability to work seamlessly in off-line mode using the phone's GPS. Furthermore, it works in tandem with Glympse, which allows you to share your location with friends or family easily. It also has an impressive mapping system according to folks who have used it.

[Update: It looks like it isn't quite available yet, but will be as soon as the Gear S starts hitting store shelves.]

What do you guys think? Could Google Maps have a real competitor...
by dgstorm at Aug 29, 2014
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From their beginning, the first (and one of the biggest) complaints about the OnePlus One was how difficult it was to get one. OnePlus' quirky invite system has been very unpopular. Luckily, they are wise enough to recognize this and have been working on a new pre-order system that they expect to implement in October.

Here's a quote from OnePlus during a Reddit AMA,

It's good to see the company is still evolving. Perhaps they will be able to work through all of the issues which have plagued them up until now.

As a sidenote, in regards to the different back covers originally planned for the device, and particularly the Bamboo cover, OnePlus has run into another problem. Here's a quote regarding that issue,

by dgstorm at Aug 28, 2014
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A new screenshot has hit the web of the rumored HTC Nexus 9 Android tablet racing its way through an AnTuTu benchmark. The tablet scores a ridiculous 45,923! It looks like that new NVIDIA Tegra K1 architecture and 192-core Cuda are doing some serious work.

Of course, it's always a good idea to point out that benchmark scores to not translate into real-world performance necessarily. Despite that, this score is so high, we would be surprised if the performance on this tablet is not noticeably quicker than anything else out there.

As a sidenote, the screen cap also includes hints that the device will include LTE (or that there will at least be an LTE variant of it). This is getting more and more exciting the more we hear about it.

Source: TKTechNews
by cereal killer at Aug 28, 2014
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Today Verizon Wireless 'silently' released the Pre-paid Motorola Luge. Before your heart starts racing, and you missed the pre-paid part, you just may want to read on.

In a nutshell the Motorola Luge has the same exact specs and aesthetics as the Razr M. Did he say Razr M? I sure did. You know the deal, Kevlar back, 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear camera, 2,000mAh battery, 8GB storage, micro SD slot and Android 4.4.2. **Yawn**...stop that!

You can get the Motorola Luge for $199 on contract or $299 retail. I don't see you frantically hitting the source link to order it, whats wrong? Yeah, don't answer that.

Source: Verizon