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by DroidModderX at Sep 30, 2014
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It seems like it was forever ago that I purchased my first Nexus device. The Google somehow talked Verizon into allowing the Galaxy Nexus onto their network. This was wonderful because devices prior to the Galaxy Nexus had bootloaders that were very difficult if not impossible to unlock. The Galaxy Nexus on the other hand was unlockable out of the box. Development for this device went crazy and there were atleast 100 custom roms to chose from. I don't remember ever owning a Verizon device that was this well received by the development community.

Google decided not long ago to end of life the Galaxy Nexus and is no...
by DroidModderX at Sep 30, 2014
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We have all been there you get to spot where your data connection is spotty at best. This can be quite a bad situation if you have to send out an emergency email, or look up a crucial piece of data. Now you can get your way out of this type of bind with a new and innovative browser. Cosmos browser allows you to access the web without wifi or data. As long as you are able to send and receive a text message you can surf the web. Now this is not the full fledged web this is a limited version of the web that you will be able to access.

Here is how it works. When you open the browser and type in a valid url a text message is sent to a server which finds and packages the requested website into an openable zip file which is sent back to your phone via text message. Cosmos intercepts the incoming text message and opens it in a viewable page. This is an early beta which means there will be bugs. If you would like to give this proof of concept a try head to the link below....
by DroidModderX at Sep 30, 2014
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Sony has been one of the most developer friendly OEMs for a while now. They have shipped phones with unlockable bootloaders, have released kernel source, and driver binaries which has all been helpful for Rom developers and other developers. According to Alin Jerpelea of the FreeXperia team from CyanogenMod, Sony may possibly offer AOSP roms for its phones in the future. He mentioned this at the XDAdev con. The only downside to this is that Jerpelea will be the only one working on this project for Sony which means releases may be a bit slow, or at least limited in the amount of devices. This is still pretty big since this will help to...
by DroidModderX at Sep 30, 2014
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So tomorrow marks the beginning of throttled data for us grandfathered unlimited data users on Verizon. As mentioned yesterday in order to be throttled you must meet 4 requirements. You must be on an unlimited data plan, you must be out of contract, you must be in the top 5% of data users, and you must be on a congested tower.

You can actually avoid throttling for the next two years if you act right now (after midnight tonight throttling begins)! There is a little known loophole which allows you to upgrade your device and keep unlimited data. With this method you will extend your contract by 2 years which means you won't be throttled for...
by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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Even though this is obviously not Android news, it's still a surprising development in the tech world, so we thought it prudent to share it with you.

It looks like the folks in Redmond can still shock and awe from time to time, although this time it's really just a PR gimmick. Microsoft just officially unveiled Windows 10 to the public. You read that right... they are skipping the Windows 9 name and going straight for the next generation.

While the operating system is still the same thing they have been working on since Windows 8 was a big flop, Microsoft felt that the changes to the OS were so significant it was worth passing over the Windows 9 name. Ultimately this is just a marketing semantics stunt, but it definitely has our attention.

Even more notable is that the release has now slipped farther down the road. According to the report, Windows 10 will be released "later in 2015." Here's a quote with some of the details as to why Microsoft execs decided to go...
by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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Although the 8-inch NVIDIA Shield Tablet (both the WiFi and LTE versions) bills itself as a gaming-focused Android tablet, that doesn't mean folks who have no interest in gaming should overlook it. The tablet has been receiving glowing praise across the web for its stellar performance and solid build quality.

Folks have been genuinely impressed with its versatility on top of its power and ease of use. This new product from NVIDIA looks to be one of their first big hits since the original Nexus 7 tablet from a few years ago, only this one comes straight from the company. Not only is it fast and useful, but it is also affordable relative to its hardware. The WiFi only version is just $299 and the LTE edition is $399 (assuming you don't get it through an LTE contract with a carrier, which could save you $100 bucks).

Here are a few links where you can pick up the LTE version:
  • ...
by Jeffrey at Sep 30, 2014
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All the XenForo and IPB sites that use Tapatalk have been upgraded to the latest version of Tapatalk. If you have any issues concerning tapatalk on the sites please let us know.
by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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Most of us realize that, for now, the unique YOUM display on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is mostly just a marketing gimmick. Despite this, there are actually a few ways in which a user can benefit from the oddly shaped extra screen real estate.

Samsung wanted to make sure we were aware of these reasons, so they created a clever infographic to share them. It turns out that those "edges" of the Edge are reserved space of their own and are meant to do some specific things. The above pic is just the beginning of the infographic. The full image can be found in the thread below detailing all of the "reasons" we might want to use the unique new device from Sammy.

Source: Samsung
by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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Even though we've basically already reported some of these same beefy specs for the Motorola Droid Turbo previously, it's worth sharing again because this time it comes from a GFXBenchmark. Additionally, this new intel suggests a different size screen than what our previous rumors indicated.

Here's a breakdown of specs revealed from this benchmark:
  • 5.2-inchQHD 2560x1440 resolution display
  • 2.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 (Adreno 420 - which is perhaps odd that it isn't the 430)
  • RAM 3GB
  • Storage 32 GB
  • 20 megapixel rear camera - capable of shooting UHD video in resolutions of 3840x2160
As you can see, some of these specs line up with our previous report, but the display definitely does not. It's also perhaps notable that these specs would put the Droid Turbo pretty far ahead of the new Moto X in terms...
by dgstorm at Sep 30, 2014
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Our friends at AndroidPolice created a mockup image of what their intel indicates the Motorola Nexus 6 will look like. On top of that, they claim to have new intel which confirms the Nexus 6 name and shares even more details of the device.

As we can see in the pic, the phone is basically an enlarged version of the Moto X, and even includes front-facing speakers. Additionally, the edge of the phone will have the same aluminum frame as the Moto X. The specs shared in this report are a bit different than some we have seen before. Here's a breakdown of these most recent leaked specs:
  • 5.9-inch Display QHD display with 496ppi
  • 13MP shooter with OIS with the new dual-flash ring configuration
  • 2MP front camera
  • 3200+ mAh battery
  • Compatible with Motorola's turbo charger for super-fast charging
  • Android...
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