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by DroidModderX at Sep 15, 2014
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The Pie Laucher was a crazy huge and innovative feature that launched Paranoid Android nearly to the top of the best Roms list. Paranoid Android came out with many other innovative features, but none that were kanged to the extent that Pie Launcher was. Google even came out and said they had a patent for this type of launcher not to long after Pie Launcher was released. Many from the Rom community love the Pie Launcher and use it regularly. It has now been incorporated into the Chrome browser.

ChromePie is and Xposed Framework Module that will overlay pie controls over your chrome browser. This means you can easily navigate the browser with large...
by DroidModderX at Sep 15, 2014
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Now you can travel the Galaxy directly from the comfort of your Android homescreen. The Galaxy Pack is a series of wallpaper that gives you something a bit more than just a plain static wallpaper. You will feel like you are flying through space. There are 16 different Galaxies to chose from all of which bring a different color scheme and style. Galaxies include Red Dragon, Hydra, Small Cloud, Pegasus, Colossus, Cyclop, M101, Hextor, Inferno, Primaeval, Toxic, Banelord, Genodus, Hellfire, and Ultramarine. Not only are there 16 galaxies to chose from, but also 5 background types, 3 core types, 3 star types, stars count (decrease stars for better speed), x-ray type on/off, stars on/off, random galaxy on/off, and moving speed.


This Galaxy live wallpaper Pack will set you back $1.95, but you can actually grab each galaxy separately for free. Head...
by DroidModderX at Sep 15, 2014
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Yesterday we posted a video tutorial of a method to speed up your GPS. This works by allowing you to point your device to local GPS servers. It requires a bit of know how and you will need to be rooted so that you can moddify /system settings. Knowing how to modify your device manually is good. Not only do you learn methods of achieving what you want on your device, but you also learn exactly what you are doing to your device.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

There is a much faster and easier way. You can actually achieve faster GPS using an application. This application will allow you to chose a local server for your GPS. You will need to be rooted, but you won't need to make any system modifications. Head to the link below for the download.

by dgstorm at Sep 15, 2014
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Verizon Wireless has a shocker of a deal for some of its customers, although it's not something they are likely to advertise too heavily. This awesome "secret" deal is that starting today, any Verizon customers who are eligible for an upgrade on or before November 15th, 2014 are eligible for that upgrade immediately, for any device!

This special upgrade opportunity is only going to be around for a limited time, so be sure to jump on it quick. It's surprising to see Big Red basically give their customers 2 free months out of their contract, but it's probably a brilliant marketing strategy considering the timing.

Source: AndroidPolice
by dgstorm at Sep 15, 2014
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Just as Google promised, they are on the march to bring Android to the "next 5 billion" people. They just launched the ultra-affordable Android One smartphone in India. They also shared that the $100 device will be launched in several other nations by the end of the year. This includes Indonesia, the Philippines and South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka).

The phone will continue its global march and head to other countries early next year as well. The phone is ultra-affordable because it eschews several of the typical features of most smartphones, like a camera for example. A large number of manufacturers will be building the Android One including: Acer, Alcatel Onetouch, ASUS, HTC, Intex, Lava, Lenovo, Panasonic and Xolo. The first phones will be made by Micromax.

Check out the Google Blog for more details:
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If you happen to be a student, an educator or even an alumni with an active .edu account, then you can actually order the Moto X (2014) right now. This new version of the Moto X is also $50 cheaper for these folks, leading to a price of $449.

There's no word on when students will receive their new Moto X, so it's likely this is simply an early pre-order. Still the discount is welcome for struggling students and teachers. Hit up the link below to place your order.

Source: MotoMaker
by dgstorm at Sep 15, 2014
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Image courtesy of older AndroidPolice rumor.

According to the latest intel, the HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet is likely to be announced on October 8th. Since it is 99% likely that Google will announce all of the new Nexus devices together, then by extension, we can surmise that Android L and the Nexus devices will arrive on that date. Of course, that is assuming that this intel is correct, of course.

If this leak turns out to be correct, then here are some other juicy details to go along with it worth mentioning. First, there could be two versions of the Nexus 9 tablet. One will have 3GB of RAM while the other will have 4GB of RAM (to better showcase Android L's 64-bit capabilities. Both versions will sport the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor (which has been crushing all competitors in leaked benchmarks).

The tab will supposedly also...
by dgstorm at Sep 15, 2014
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Even though not all of our Android fans are Samsung fans, we recognize that many of those folks really dislike Apple even more than Samsung. Also, some of our members either really do like Samsung, and or at least enjoy watching their "poke the bear" Apple ads. For all of these folks, there is a new Samsung video commercial online.

This time Sammy takes aim at the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Even though this one only showcases a tiny bit of humor as Samsung is apt to do in most of their Apple ads, this one is also surprisingly informative. It shows off several unique features of the Note series including the S-Pen Stylus and multi-window multitasking.

Near the end we get to see several examples of Tweets from Samsung fans putting things in "perspective." Enjoy!
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Motorola just announced on their blog that several of their newest devices will be up for pre-order tomorrow (Tuesday, September 16th). Two versions of the new Moto X will be available tomorrow. One is the AT&T version of the phone, while the other is the unlocked Pure Edition version.

The other devices up for pre-grabs will be the Moto Hint (ear bud) for $149.99 USD, and the Motorola Turbo Charger for $34.99 USD. Motorola also shared that their hot new smartwatch, the Moto 360, will be back in stock starting tomorrow. They even reminded us that they have a trade-in program to help make that new device even more affordable.

Source: MotorolaBlog
by dgstorm at Sep 15, 2014
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Back in June at Google I/O, Android TV was first teased. Ever since then, Google has had a "Coming Soon" landing page up so you can sign up for more info. At that time, Google said that Android TV would launch in the Fall.

It's September now, which means Fall is right around the corner, and the first trickle of intel has been captured. According to, It appears that Asus is working on a "Nexus Player" which could be the first Android TV device. Supposedly, the device will launch along-side Android L, which actually makes perfect sense. It was always expected that Android TV would officially launch when Google announces Android L and the other new Nexus devices coming. That is currently scheduled for October.

Getting back to this mysterious Asus Nexus Player, we find some things to like about the device. The device will be optimized to let...