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by pc747 at Oct 22, 2014
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If we do not have enough excitement with the Nexus 6, Droid Turbo, Note 4, and Moto X (2014), looks as if Samsung will be selling the Developer Edition of the Note 4 for Verizon. For those unaware, developer edition devices are easier to unlock the bootloader vs the carrier edition. For those interested it will set you back $662.53 plus tax and will be available soon.
by dgstorm at Oct 22, 2014
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This news basically echoes info we have heard before, but since it comes from a new email sent out by Google devs, it bears sharing. Also, it indirectly suggests that Android 5.0 Lollipop will begin pushing out on November 3rd. Google devs is sending out emails to 3rd party Android developers letting them know their Android 5.0 Lollipop tweaked apps will be ready to go November 3rd on the Nexus 9 tablet.

The picture above is a screen shot from one of these emails. It's important to note that this simply repeats what Google said previously in another developer information email. Here's what they said before,

by dgstorm at Oct 22, 2014
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PhoneArena recently put together a series of comparison shots of Nexus products. They wanted to give us a great example of the differences between the new Nexus 6 phablet and every other Nexus smartphone that has come before.

As you can see from the images (shown in their entirety in the thread below), the size difference is enormous when seeing the Nexus 6 next to its older ancestors. Of course, this is to be expected, but it's almost shocking just how large this phone really is. Sound off and let us know how you feel about this after you check out all the pics in the thread.
by dgstorm at Oct 22, 2014
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Hearthstone is an online collectible card game created by Blizzard and set in the Warcraft universe. It's gameplay mechanics are similar to Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers, but the interface is even more polished and refined. The game has been growing in popularity on the PC since its release, and Blizzard previously promised to bring the game to Android at some point.

It looks like that time is coming soon. Blizzard just shared they plan to bring Hearthstone to Android tablets by the end of 2014. They are also working on a phone based version, but that isn't expected until sometime next year. Here's a quote with a few more of the details,

by dgstorm at Oct 22, 2014
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Here's another Android Wear smartwatch story for your morning pleasure. The latest Android Wear update, which is version 4.4W.2 is rolling out OTA. It contains a number of significant fixes and upgrades.

Here's a quick summary:
  • Smart Battery Saving - When your battery hits 15%, your Moto 360 will turn off ambient mode, so you don’t have to remember to.
  • Timely Time Checks - Moto 360 will synchronize the time with your phone more often to make sure it is up to the minute.
  • User Interface Tweaks - We observed with consumers that there are many times where you want to use your Moto 360 as truly a classic watch—a beautiful way to see the time. A new gesture now lets you see the full watch face without permanently dismissing a notification. Just touch the top of a notification and swipe down. You’ll see the notification again when you have another high priority notification.
  • Mood Lighting - Moto 360 will adjust to the...
by dgstorm at Oct 22, 2014
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You can now pick up the Qi wireless charger for the Moto 360 at the Google Play Store. It's priced at $39.99, which is at the upper end, but it is a solid and well built device to go with your solid and well built Moto 360.

As of the time of this article (10AM CTD, October 22nd, 2014), the charging dock is "in stock" and ships in 1-2 days from the warehouse. Here's the link below.

Source: Google Play Store - Moto 360 Wireless Charging Dock
by DroidModderX at Oct 21, 2014
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If you like lime green you will love the new YoYo Icon Theme from developer "OpenYourMind". This icon pack includes over 1020 custom hand themed app icons, and 10 wallpapers. If you need even more wallpapers no problem OYM has you covered with his free wallpaper app which includes 3800 custom walls. Each image is drawn at 200x200 pixels for a super High Quality look. The icons are compatible with custom launchers including Nova, Apex, ADW, Action, Smart, Go, plus other launchers that include support for app system filters. This particular app theme also includes icon masks so any icons that are not hand themed will still match the theme. There is a full comprehensive dashboard with a section to view every themed app icon, wallpaper picker, and an icon request tool. Head to the Play Store link for the download.

by DroidModderX at Oct 21, 2014
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When you drop your device and shatter the screen it pretty much becomes useless. You could get the screen replaced for $125, but if you are carrying an Android device it may be hard to find someone with the correct parts to fix your device. Even if you could get your screen fixed it may not be financially practical to do so. A device that you could sell for $150 would not be worth paying $125 to fix the screen. While you won't be able to use this device you can pretty easily turn it into a full fledged media center.

Your device will need to be one that supports MHL. Requirements include A USB OTG and a mouse to use to control your device during setup, MHL adapter used to display your device's...
by DroidModderX at Oct 21, 2014
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Nova Launcher is always pretty good at adding all the Google Now launcher features to their home screen replacement apps. Some consider Nova Launcher to be much better than the Google Now launcher because you get lots of extra customization options. Included in the v3.2 update are Lollipop Circle Folder Animation, Lollipop Scroll indicator, Lollipop icon theme for Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Downloads, Email, Dialer, Settings, and SMS, Preview of Scroll effects in settings, and optimizations and fixes. Grab the launcher from the links below.

Free Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher Prime
by DroidModderX at Oct 21, 2014
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High School and College Students Everywhere rejoice! I can remember the days of Algebra and Calculus. In those days if you had a high enough powered calculator you could get the answers to your equations, but that never did any good because of course the teachers would want you to solve out the equations by hand and show your work. PhotoMath is a new app set to release for Android in 2015 that allows you to take a photo of an equation. It will then solve that equation showing the steps involved to solve. There is a concern that this type of tool could be dangerous in the wrong hands. It makes homework too easy, and if you aren't really learning then tests and exams could be super difficult if not impossible when you arrive and teachers confiscate phones. At any rate you will want to use this app for only the most difficult of problems that you become stuck on.

Via Engadget
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