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Feb 21, 2014
    1. mintable
      Hello, did you receive my PM? I had a question about deactivation and appreciate any insight you could provide. Thank you!
    2. muvipix
      Hi Kim, did you receive my PM? I don't know how or if I should proceed.
    3. muvipix
    4. sylund
      Hi, I just pre-ordered HTC thunderbolt on Wirefly, yeah. I am just wondering the warranty policies of Wirefly. As far as I know, Wirefly provides 30 day device replacements, right?

      1) After 30 day period, let's assume that I found a hardware-defect of the phone. Can I visit Verizon store to have repair service? or should I send the phone back to Wirefly?

      2) in case of user mis-handling, for example dropping the phone and crack the LCD screen, can I visit Verizon store to have repair service? or should I send the phone back to Wirefly?
    5. MHM.
      nevermind. i have gotten it succesfully programmed and is now sending and recieving everything! But i would like to know when the extra charges are applied to my bill. THANK YOU WIREFLY.
    6. MHM.
      Hi, i just got my new droid x like last night and when i went online to activate it using my ESN in my reciept .verizon said something like they cannot activate using the device id i entered. Your help would be MUCH appreciated, im not good with accents and everytime i call i get an indian and i cant understand what they are saying =( its frusterating. anyway, thank you. Order # 369538963
    7. on3al
      Hi I received a Droid X from wirefly several hours ago, and my verizon phone is still active and I am unable to activate the new droid. Can you help expedite this please.
      My order number through wirefly is: 547495238

      Thanks so much.
    8. lascott254
      I've had my new droid pro for over 24 hours and still the old phone is alive and well. Can you help me get my new droid activated? order # 432360801. thx for the help
    9. Wirefly
      You are correct. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any of the specialized plans that Verizon has to offer. Yes, we do offer the phones at a lower cost - right now the Droid Incredible is free with an upgrade and the Droid 2 is $39.99 - but you would need to select one of the plans we have on our site.

      The closest plan we could offer would be the Nationwide Talk & Text Family SharePlan with 1400 minutes for $119.99 and once you add the data feature for both lines ($29.99 each) the total would be $179.97.

      Thanks for considering Wirefly
    10. wahhutch9
      Hi, thanks for the reply. Based on your response, it doesn't appear that I'd be able to take advantage of the Verizon $139.99 plan for 2 lines, 1400 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data. Is that correct?

      In the long run, it makes more sense for me financially to pay a little more for the phone direct through Verizon and save $30-$40 per month than get 2 phones for free through wirefly, but pay a higher monthly bill.

      I can get a Droid Incredible and Droid 2 through Verizon directly for $70 no activation fees and get the $139.99 plan.

      If it was possible to get the $139.99 plan above through Wirefly, I'd sign up through you guys.

      I've been with VZW for over 10 years now and never had any problems with any phone.

    11. ieo
      my order number is 360646449
    12. Wirefly
      Hi Jon, Your request is one of the top priorities for our support team here in Reston, VA. Please keep me posted on the status of this issue and let me know if it has been solved. Thanks,
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