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Jan 22, 2011
    1. athack
      hi hope u can help.. im rooted baseband .43.01P chevy 1ghz kernal chevy simply stunning 4.4 android froyo 2.2.. im trying for 3 days to access the program menu ##PROGRAM... it just dials as a reg call and im told call cant be completed as dialed... any help or input would be appreciated thank you
    2. crzy20
      i have a droid rooted. im trying to program it to cricket. i can get qpst to read the phone but the spc is not set to six 0' there any way to reset it not knowing the current code??? thnx
    3. jerrytodd64
      thanks for the info
    4. droach
      I purchased a new droid over the weekend. I pared it to my car phone. Both phone see each other, and they say they are connected. The droid comes over the car phone, but it is very staticy, and no one can hear me. Any suggestions?
    5. JudyT
      I purchased ringtones from Verizon and they were sent to me via messaging. I hit the play button on each one and hit the menu and saved the ring tone to my SD card, or so it says. I've created the media folder with sub folders of ringtones, alarms, notifications. After I saved the ringtone to my SD card I can't tell where the file went because it is not on my sd card. Do I need to somehow get the file to my computer before I can put it on my phone?
    6. jenn123
      I'm trying to change the ringtones for my contacts. I go in and pick a new ringtone and hit "ok" but when i go back to check it, it doesn't stay saved. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
    7. kurt3
      Hey, i have a question i just bought a droid off ebay and its pretty much brand new, but when i plug the charger in the screen lights up like it wants to turn on then it goes black then it turns on then it just keeps doing that like flashing...thats all it does whats wrong with it
    8. SurraTT
      Haahah, I KNOW YOU hahah
    9. gkitchens
      Is there a way to delete emails without opening them?
    10. kls919
      Does inteli sync work on the motorola droid
    11. KP0818
      Thanks for posting the touble shooting! Good info that will help me :) I work indirect, so that may help with less phone calls to sales support. You probably have a ton of messages but i haven't been able to get a straight answer to my question anywhere. Is there a feature or application that would read just about anything aloud? I'm researching for a customer. They want it to read emails, books, text messages, pretty much anything they can convert to a text file, they want to be able to have it read to them. Also, are there games with the android OS where two people can play rather than a person playing against the computer? Thanks for your time!! :)
    12. jraustin
      Can anyone tell me how to sync my AOL calendar and contacts to Droid?
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