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Jun 13, 2011
    1. vex321
      thx a lot dude lol
      You basically put 3 pages worth info into one paragraph lol
    2. kameltron7
      Hey I just wanted to reply to you about the Droid and Droid X question youb have. I have done this a few times already. Here's what you need to do. Purchase the Droid X. Once you get it activate it with Verizon. As soon as you activate the Droid X and do the *228 thing and they say it is activated turn it off. My suggestion is making a verizon onlinr account to make this step easier. Once you turn off the Droid X, log onto your verizon account and switch the phones back to your old phone. Taking off the data plan and all that. Once you activate your old phone back do a data reset on the Droid X so it goes back to the out of box state. Once you do this, sell it on eBay. Once you buy the Droid and activate it on the verizon site on your account you'll be set. Now there is no penalties for doing this. I've done it before with no problem. If you have any questions feel free to email me at
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