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Elysian Fields
Not working now because of my wrist, but ill never


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Jun 22, 2012
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    Elysian Fields
    Not working now because of my wrist, but ill never
    Well..i go by the name Uedoxia cause it was the name of a vampire poem i wrote one day right after i got done reading Blood And Gold one of Ann Rices Vampire Chronicles...and thats where i got this name and its always stuck. You can even Google me and you willl find me on Google and everywhere ive been and everything ive done is there.
    I was born in NYC and both my parents are from Greece which is very beautiful and awesome to visit. I am also very proud of my strong bloodlines (from both my parents) father was a Spartan and my mom From Kalamata. I have always loved Greek Mythology and all Mythology really. I love Heavy Metal music, and i use to play guitar and was in a band once when i was younger..so i love really good guitarists.
    I have worked as a waitress most of my life cause my parents have always had their own restaurant and so its hard for me to work for other people cause i am so use to working for them.
    I am a recovering addict and have been clean now for almost 11 yrs. HELL YEAH!! ;)
    I am also a Second Degree Priestess and y daughter actually talked me into that but it was really the best thing i ever did cause i was always into all that stuff anyway ever since i was like 15 but never really understood how to use it all the right way till i did that.
    I also met a real Free Mason one night cause he was our guest speaker and he did a reading on me that blew me and my daughter away and left her in tears cause he pinned my hard life to the T and it was amazing.
    Its also kinda cool cause our teacher was getting her higher degree and he was going to do it cause only someone like a Free Mason has enough power to do that type of ritual..and i was going to go but then something came up and i could not make it.
    I have a daughter Nicole and a son Constantinos (named after my dad)..and even though they are grown now and dont need me as much, they are still the best things in my life and they always will be.
    I love Vampires, Science, History,Ancient History,American Indians,All the Big Cats in Africa especially the Cheetah.
    I love reading about history and famous people that had real power like..Jesus, king Solomon, Plato, I believe that Atlantis really existed and i believe that there was a time when all the gods of all the different mythology existed too..cause they have proof of the Titans bones they have found..and i believe that the world has really been destroyed before just like the Myans and scientists say..and i think theres a big chance it can happen again in 2012.
    UFOs sightings and i think that worm holes, Space travel, and other dimensions exist too.
    In Greece..there is a place where Hercules Tomb is and if you know anything about Greek Gods/Mythology..you should know he was Zues son cause he could not resist mortal women and actually he had many kids.
    I love watching movies like that and about all the things that interest me too.
    Its like lately..so much has been going on that sometimes if it were not for them, i would feel like giving up and thats not like me at all cause i always use to be way,way, stronger inside to where i would never cry and now i can cry at the drop of a dime.
    Anyway...i love to write lyrics/poems and i love listening to my favorite music and really think i would literally be insane by now if it were not for that, my computer, my meditations i just started doing which are really helping all my depressing situations right now.
    I broke my wrist very bad about 6 months ago and it needed to be reset,had to have 4 pins a plate and all that put in and now its never going to be the same and i can never work as a waitress again.
    I am a high school drop out which im not very proud of but the reason ii never liked it there was cause i was too bored and was not being taught things i was interested in.
    I quit school in my junior yr and started going to Atlantic Community College and got my GED and loved it there cause i could take only the classes that i was interested in.
    Think i was like the youngest student there at that time and one day i picked up the school paper and notiiced there was no music column and so i went to them and asked them if they wanted me to write it cause i was always up on music and who and what was the best at the time and i did a real good job.
    Was always into horror movies even before they were popular like now.
    Halloween,Supernatural things, Greek Mythology,Magic, Vampires, Nice Black Fast cars, Black Clothes,Fallen angels, Travel, (physical and astral).
    I also have a few websites and like making them and blogging..but because of everything with my wrist and all my money problems right now and for the past 6 months...i have not even logged into any of my CPanel to update my blogs or approve any comments and so Google is penalizing me because of that and so they should cause it takes work to keep up and keep Google happy to rank me.
    I have one about playing guitars, one about just music in general, another about 12/21/12, and one on making money online and i know my hosting time is coming up for renewal very soon and i have to figure something out so i dont lose them..cause i am also an Amazon and Clickbank affiliate and sell stuff on a couple of them.
    I think i found another job too processing gov. refunds for people who pay off car and house loans but i only have a decent laptop and im really glad i got this Dell XPS with a backlit keyboard when i was working cause i would be crazy if i didnt have this now cause thats mostly what i do all day.
    oh yeah..this refund job sounds good but i cant start till i get a scanner/printer/fax..and i think the only way is to just get it and say forget the car this month cause i really doubt they would take it for missing one payment.
    Guess thats it for now dont want to drag this out and tell everything here when theres more profile fields to fill out.

    My kids,Music,Computers,Blogging,magic,Illuminati,Free Masonry,Antcient Aliens,The Stars & Universe