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    1. dirty6
      A couple quirks: this might add a couple folders to your AKO account, you may end up with different 'trash' and 'sent' folders, perhaps even 'drafts.' This is the reality of using IMAP. Watch those extra folders, b/c when my Droid Pro 'deletes' an email, it moves it to a folder in my AKO called "Trash"...but that's not THE trash can, so the email isn't really deleted. I have to use the web browser once every few weeks and clear out those emails so they don't clog up my account quota.

      If step 2 doesn't work, you can try this to install your certificates:
      Launch "Files" app and navigate to the folder where you dropped your certificates onto the SD card. From there, open up the folder and you should see a list of your certificates. Long press on the first one, and in the menu that comes up, tap "Open." This will bring up an info pane, tap on the button that says "Install Certificate." Repeat that for the other certificates and you should be good to go.

      Hope this helps.
    2. dirty6
      My settings are as follows:
      Account Name: doesn't matter
      Real Name: I put my full name here, I don't think this matters
      Email address: your full AKO address, complete with the ending

      Username: the first chunk of your AKO address, the part before the "@" symbol.
      Password: obviously, needs to match your AKO password precisely.
      ADVANCED SETTINGS: Port: 993, "Use Secure Connection" should be checked, "Use Secure Password (TLS)" should be set to auto, "Verify Password" should be unchecked.

      SMTP Server:
      Username: same as above
      Password: rocket science here
      ADVANCED SETTINGS: Port: 465 "Use Secure Connection" should be checked, "Use Secure Password (TLS)" should be set to "Always," "Authentication" should be set to "Auto" and "Verify Certificate" should be unchecked.

      OTHER SETTINGS: Set your message sync count to what you wish for.
    3. dirty6
      Step two is to install the certificates to the phone. Go to Settings>Location & Security and scroll down to the sub-heading of "Credential Storage." From there, my phone has an option to "Install from SD Card." Tap that, and you should have the option to start an app called "Certificate Installer." At this point you should be able to follow a pretty basic process of installing your certificates, one by one, to the phone.

      When that's done, AKO should work, provided you have the settings in your IMAP client set up right...
    4. dirty6
      OK, here's what I learned from my Pre Plus days that I applied to my Droid Pro...

      Keep in mind this only works if you use regular, AKO webmail...if you use Outlook or the fancy new beta-webmail (Outlook Web-Access), you'll have to learn how to do all of this via Exchange-sync. I have no clue on that stuff.

      Step one is to acquire the appropriate DA/DOD certificates. I honestly don't remember where I got these from and which ones were 'essential' and which ones were along for the ride to increase compatibility, but I ended up with six certificates titled:

      Google those, and once you've got 'em, drop them onto your phone's SD card in a folder. Remember the path to where they are.
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