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Jan 13, 2011
    1. dankarlinski
      2.3 is not released for download for any device currently in the market. fission is only for d@, D2G, and Dx usere...

      if you are using the original droid, you do not need the bootstrapper program mentioned in step 2 below....

      as for roms, there are many to choose from, but i would look into cyanogenmod or ultimate droid....

      Cyanogemod - Motorola Droid - CyanogenMod Forum
      Ultimate -
    2. dankarlinski
      i dont remember how far along you are in your modding process, but here are the basics.

      1. download "Rom Manager" from market (clockworkmod)
      2. Buy Droid 2 Bootstrapper from market
      3. Root your Phone
      4. Run Rom Manager to flash the custom recovery (top option)
      5. run bootstrapper
      a. Hit Bootstrap recovery (you will get a SU prompt)
      b. hit reboot recovery (you will get a SU prompt, and then it will reboot into recovery) Recovery mode is black and green text

      6. use the volume keys to navigate up and down, camera to select, and sleep/power to go back.

      to install rom, go to "install zup from SD" then "choose ZIP".

      navigate to the ROM zip file, select it, and let it do its work. if you get any error, the ZIP file for the rom is corrupt and you need to redownload.

      if you get an error during step 4, do not get any SU prompts, and do not boot into recovery after following all the above steps, you are not properly rooted.
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