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Aug 20, 2010
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Feb 2, 2013
    1. sephtin
      From car home app, long press the button, choose "Direct Dial", and pick your contact. :P
      Is it not working for you?
    2. marimax
      do you know of a way to get contacts added in car home beta? Like an individual. So I can tap say my wife and it will call her
    3. Delkomatic
      Hey man I have tried everything I can find as to why video and music will not work with this Liberty ROM checked everything you said and double checked it. Soon as I flash back to UD ROM it works fine. I use any other ROM but UD it does not work. Any ideas? This probably started after I installed Tranquality ROM Video and music worked on that ROM but after I went to a diff one from it nothing till I went to UD.
    4. ericsch333
      hey what your google voice so we can talk about these scripts. I have some good idea I want to share with you about the toolbox app and I know you have so to. looking forward to working with you
    5. droidxchat
    6. droidxchat
      Hey can you tell me what XML editor you use for droid files? I know they're encrypted, what do you use to decrypt, edit, and re-encrypt them?
    7. scubieman
      Do you run stock ROM?
    8. sephtin
      just now (12 hours later) reading this.. looks like he's fixed. :)

      Someone really should write up a better guide, but unfortunately, most sites frown upon it, because of moto breathing down their neck. :P
    9. chkmate
      Correction:) It's Tech Issues Droid X DX Recovery stuck on Motorola Logo.

      Thanks! If you get a chance to check out. I know your overly busy man.
    10. chkmate
      Hey sephtin! Hate to PM you like this for a favor. But I have a friend maddx43 that is having trouble flashing sbf. I've been trying to help him all night. He actually is at a Verizon where his friend works using there computer and got a battery from him.

      His post is in Droid X Hacks under " Stuck on "M" LOGO Trying to install new ROM."

      You have any suggestions? He said it has recognized his phone but failed twice.

      Stuck on "M" LOGO Trying to install new ROM
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