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Dec 7, 2009
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Jul 26, 2011
    1. whteglve
      So far I've purchased two Seidio cases for my Droid 1. Both cases broke the tabs off of the top of the front half. Now I can't use the holster or the car charger. Is there a way to order a couple of the fronts? Is this problem going to be fixed with a change of the tabs? The tabs could be much wider to help with sharing the load of holding the front case on.
    2. chron12
      Just got your extended battery for the droid. The whole it says 5% after 10 minutes is very annoying. I know its not the batterys fault but is their a work around?
    3. KukiKid
      Never mind disregaurd that last PM
    4. LTLFTCer
      I see the online link for the slim extended battery is now gone. Is the production team giving up on producing this battery for the Droid?
    5. JoeC
      Blue case looks awesome. Unfortunately the top doesn't fit. I left a message for support.
    6. billinaustin
      The travel holders are on backorder, any idea how soon they may ship out to us
    7. jonnyhaze
      I like the look of your innocase but I am reading about fitment problems. I saw you said something about a new batch coming out and I would like to know when the best time to order one would be. Thanks!
    8. modrows1
      Hi - I'm new to this forum and my HTC Eris (about 1 week). I noticed the new 3500 battery will be out soon. This may seem weird, but I'm curious if you know if the new battery/cover will fit in another brand's case. Specfically the body glove case with the kickstand clip.
      I've read that your cases will fit the new battery/cover however there is very little info about your cases and few photos. I rather like the stiff/thick/padded feel of the bodyglove. However your case is described as a rather thin and soft case.
      A) Do you know if the body glove (or anyone's standard case) would fit with the new battery?
      B) How similar in feel/stiffness are you cases to the body glove?

      I know this is an odd question, but I can't visit a retail store and "feel" your case like did before I got the bodyglove off of ebay.

      Thanks and I look forward to getting one of your newer batteries in the new future regardless of capacity. :)
    9. RinTinTigger
      Hey Guys!

      Glad to have you on board!

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