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Jul 6, 2010
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Dec 9, 2014
    1. SamuriHL
      In the future it's probably easiest to get ahold of me on droidrzr. I've been super busy lately but I'm usually over there at least once a day.
    2. Reserved Name
      Reserved Name
      alright i forgot to cd terminal to the HOB folder so now the path is fine. :p
    3. Reserved Name
      Reserved Name
      i've also sent you a message on the site
    4. Reserved Name
      Reserved Name
      Sam I'm gonna **** a brick please help. I'm on 247 on bionic and need to fxz to 246, using a mac. I have 1.6 and the 246 fxz downloaded and unzipped to the 246_FXZ folder but the script always says it command not found when attempting fastboot commands. WHY DOESN'T IT FIND FASTBOOT? It's in the utils folder and the script still checks ./utils So wtf please help i can't run wifi tether without crashing my phone and need to revert to stock 246
    5. SamuriHL
      Thank you. I appreciate that!
    6. FoxKat
      Thanks for being a true stand-up individual. If there's one thing I respect, it's one with ethics. You are every bit that.
    7. SamuriHL
      You're welcome Enjoy.
    8. fred03031
      Sam I wanted to thank you for making it easy for a newbie like me to upgrade to 247. Without hob it never would have happened. You made it idiot proof. Wish I had used it sooner. Again Thank you very much for your efforts!!
    9. SamuriHL
      All updates are installed in stock recovery.
    10. avlambo21
      sam first off thanks for everything wit HoB. question though (and this is going to make me sound like a noob) but a) can i install a leak on the stock (or CWM) recovery? b) i should do a wipe and cache clear too correct? and c) whats the farthest i should go if i want to get back to OTA (or can i just do a full wipe again and install OTA over whichever leak i have installed?

      thanks man, i appreciate it.

      EDIT: and i just read your posts in a different thread and that answered the last question. im just gonnna wait it out, thanks anyways though
    11. jayrod
      Thanks for all that you do! Finally made the jump to going back now! Hope you're enjoying yourself this weekend :)
    12. SamuriHL
      You're very welcome. My intention with the HoB was to make it safer for people. And maybe even teach what little I know to others. I hope I've been successful at both.
    13. virgil71468
      dude, i don't personally know you, just on droid forums, but if were not for You and your hob on the bionic those guys would be fubar'd.
      i really appreciate All the help you've given us, even the chewing out .
    14. BionicRockinTh3oryRoms
      You've helped me as well and you have my sincere apologies. I didn't have to react the way I did and in fact it was probably a stupid response to your question. My only defense is that unfortunately as a long haul trucker I just have a very limited amount of time to try and absorb all of this which in no way excuses my behaviour but perhaps it will explain why I came across a bit over the top. In reality you have taught me a great deal and I try very hard to not make the same mistakes repeatedly. And I am truly grateful for the thankless sacrifices you make to ensure that we All get the Most Enjoyment Possible out of these things.

      Thanks Again and I am Grateful that the Mod's Reopened the Thread.


      Keith Rau.
    15. SamuriHL
      It's not about you. They don't like my attitude either. And as I've said many many times, I don't much care. I give support the way I give it and will not apologize for it. I have 200 pages of people I've helped in that thread. And every single one of them got the help they needed. I have a handful of people who've complained about my tone and/or attitude. And they are quite upset about it. And I'm sure they don't like the answers I gave to the questions I was asked. Hence the deliberation continues until they come to a decision on whether I'll be allowed to keep my thread or not. Either way it won't stop me from helping those that truly want my help so I don't really much care either way.
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