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Sep 27, 2013
    1. RKramden
      Sorry I didn't see this earlier. If you haven't gotten the answer yet, you actually have to d/l the free version first, then purchase the Pro. The SU app takes care of itself, it's mainly (so far as I know) for the terminal emulator. SuperUser is it's GUI cousin that actually interacts with the user when apps require SU permission.
    2. grolson
      Hi Ralph, I was conversing with you about a week ago on Rooting. I used Z4Root and it worked like a charm. I then did the bootstrapper install, no issues. When I went to the market and d/l Titaniom BU Pro, it installled, but I could not find it on the phone on the app tray. I figure something went wrong so I got my refund and uninstall. It said if there was a problem to repurchase it, so when I tried it stated that there is only 1 refund avail on the first try. So I thought I do some checking before I d/l again. Was this normal, should it have been in the app tray like the others??
      Thanks, Gary
      Just thought of something, Do I have to use the SU app for anything before I can use it?
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