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Mar 30, 2010
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Toronto, Canada


Member, from Toronto, Canada

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Sep 17, 2010
    1. MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      Looks like my car caught someone else's attention and he Felt the need to comment on my Car..

      "I don't mean to be an ass...but I was looking at your signature...please tell me that BMW is NOT yours. There is not a single turbo kit in the world that cost $17,000 lol. You should change it to be more realistic, can't spend that $10,000 bonus check all at one place."

      Yeah.. I put him in his place pretty well. If you wanna see my response look at the post named "Ultimate Droid OTA 9.8.0 Built From Source (Newest Code From Google, FAST!!!) Page 92. I let no one talk about my car or BMW like that.
    2. MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      Joining the military was the first step of my carrier so i got a loan from my credit union of 30,000$ bought the car and got to work. Addrd a flossman wide body kit and white paint. and over time i changed it up.
    3. MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      They are beautiful cars. and i put alot of money into mines. I'm actually Jamaican and we all love bmw's for some reason. But something about the m3 e46 has a style that never beacomes outdated.
    4. MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      MM1 Payne (US Navy)
      Thanks bro, thats my baby. its actually modeled after a bmw my buddy has. They look badass together lol.
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    Toronto, Canada
    I love driving cars, and I am BMW enthusiast, nothing better than the ultimate driving machine.