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Apr 30, 2010
    1. tktouch12
      i do like the qwerty keyboard (however some people cant use it) and i also liked the bigger screen. sense ui is very nice, but a sense rom is being created for the droid. i got used to the weight pretty quickly and its not that bad. honestly, i just wanted a droid because: 1. it was a better status phone than the eris, 2. it has a flash/ better camera, 3. bigger screen, 4.comes with a bigger sdcard, 5. big one-- i knew it would have a lot more people working on hacking it.
      if i were you NOW, i would get the htc incredible droid, its a ton faster, has sense, and an even better screen.
      it was a tough decision, but i decided i wanted the keyboard and screen.
      good luck deciding

      p.s.- i dont know which one has a better battery life, but that should also be a considered factor
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