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Jun 19, 2011
    1. djakrse
      Oh, it's also worth noting that I always use JPGs now instead of PNG. I've found they play just as well and leave the final animation size considerably smaller. I have one animation that is 420 frames at 24 fps and is less than 9MB. Most are only 1-4 MB I think.

      Speaking of, that exact same animation plays slightly lagged on my D1, but perfectly smooth on D2 and DX. It has sound along with it, which I believe may help your animation.

      I've made at least a few animations first without sound, then adding sound later. In one case, my animation was 252 frames at 24 fps (should be 10.5s) and took 30 seconds from start to lockscreen. After adding sound, it finished perfectly on time and in sync with my sound file!

      I've been meaning to experiment with a blank sound file to speed up my animations. What do you think about helping with that experiment?
    2. djakrse
      If you can crop it to something like 480x400 or whatever, and it still lags too much, you may have to lower the framerate and, if necessary to keep the speed regulated, lower the total number of frames. 10s of video at 24 fps is 240 frames. If this needs to play at a steady speed, then you might try using every other frame to give you 120 frames at 12 fps. This may still play quite well, given the small screen on our phones. Meeting in the middle at 18 fps is a little more difficult and might require re-encoding your video source, if applicable, to maintain smooth animation.
    3. djakrse
      From your post, "One more thing, I have it working now thanks to your help but, its jerky and slow. I've tried changing the frame rate but nothing seems to help. Any advice?"

      Hey man, I'm guessing you made your animation full screen, as in 480x854 and at 24 fps? That's always gonna be laggy AFAIK on the D1, especially given a longer boot animation.

      The first thing I would do is crop it as much as possible. Suck it in around the action if possible. That will result in smaller file sizes and less for the phone to draw on your screen. The only issue I've had with this is when I turned an animation sideways and cropped it to a final 244x854 (touch screen top and bottom only.) This resulted in a weird, crunched mess where it crammed everything into a small square in the middle. I haven't had a chance to play with it much after that.

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