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Dec 20, 2012
    1. prettyboyvictor
      Hey I was wandering if it was possible to make me a customs wallpaper?? Umm I would like a high res wallpaper for my moto droid I want it to have "prettyboyvictor" somehwere (my aka) and maybe the red droid eye nsomewhere randomly and have the word "droid" on. Another spot. Something coool sleek nd maybe glossy. Please? When ever u have the time of course. My email is
    2. meh8036
      in my experience Open home allows up to 7 home screens and dxTop will give you 4... Panda only allows you to have the three, but they give you two slide out slots that give you 6 extra spaces on each side (12 total)... I had less trouble with dxTop than Open Home (less force closes). Both just drove me crazy and i would love to go back to either if they work out their bugs... to me Panda is the way to go right now if you don't want to have constant and i mean constant problems with your phone... also can't beat that it is free... but if you want go ahead and try out a paid one... you might have better luck than me... panda isn't perfect for me either... my phone still does random boots just less of a problem than the others gave me... let me know what your experince is
    3. RedBull
      Did I read somewhere that Panda doesn't add screens? Just helps more along the lines of organization?

      If I was aiming for more screens, that sounds like I'm gonna have to go with the paid market. Does that have a clear front runner?

      Thanks for the quick reply and the wallpapers. These forums here are so much nicer than the ones I found on Motorola's Support Forums...people there are just sarcastic jerks a lot of the time.
    4. RedBull
      Hey there...thanks for the Az Cardinals wallpaper. Looks great. I appreciate it.

      I do have a question...hoping you might help. It seems as if there are 4 or 5 applications that allow for multiple skins. Panda, Open Home, GDE I think...and others. Some are free. Are there any that currently stand out over the others that you are aware of? Are they just like other apps, just click on them to install...and if I don't like them, I can just uninstall and go back to how my Droid was?

      I'd appreciate any input you can offer?
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