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Jupiter, FL
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Sep 5, 2011
    1. Elric
      Will do. Thanks.
    2. cereal killer
      cereal killer
      Marco I updated through SPRecovery via with no problems. Choose install update (deprecated) it will say it failed then choose to install the update again. Choose allow install /sdcard/
    3. jmc2543
      Hey I figured out how to install mobile defense as a system app. One thing to remember though is the second mount remount line, once your done is wrong. it should be the same as the first mount remount but with ro instead of rw, rw(read/write) ro(read only). If you have any questions send me a msg on GTalk.
    4. DroidHoff
      No I didn't. For some reason or another UD9.0.0 seems to be less compatible with SPRecovery. This is what forced me to switch to ROM Manager. Installation through Clockwork and ROM Manager was flawless! 9.0.0 is sick fast and totally worth trying out ClockWork and ROM Manager if you haven't already! You need the premium for 9.0 but again you could always install it then return ROM Manager Premium w/in 24 hours. I don't think you'll want to after seeing how well this works though!
    5. marcogiudice
      i posted in thread to but no answer and i dee ur name on the board also so i figued ur da man! anyway im trying to install ud v9.o frm sprecovery nd yes i did both data and cache partitions and then install and i wasnt able to choose and other home screens only the 3d launder helix one
    6. R1Lover
      Please use the thread for help... as others can help you too... I'm not sure what ROM you are trying to load and how? I need a little more info please? Are you using sprecovery or rom manager? did you do a factory reset and data wipe?
    7. RoLa
      OK shoot......what are you curious about.....I only use my gmail for emergencies. ......if you are wondering about custom Roms ...I can help you.....
    8. marcogiudice
    9. bradclayco
      Have you got a google voice invite yet marco?
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