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Mar 24, 2010
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Mar 27, 2012
    1. liquid0624
      Dx2 is not supported at this time
    2. JerseyFrankU
      been away mostly since retiring the D1-- any chance i can get some Liquid goodness in my Dx2? (forvive if its out here - been so long, i forget how to find it)
    3. antwonjenkins
      is the shade_bg.png what use to be the status_bar_background.png? I'm really just trying to figure out how to get my own notification bar background on LGB1.1 Thank you in advance, your ROMs rock!
    4. liquid0624
      SystemUI.apk in system/apps
      File is shade_bg.png i do believe
    5. atcjeff
      Can you tell me the file name and location for the pull down shade in the notification bar? I would like to replace it with my custom one with metamorph but location of it in LGB seams to be different from the the froyo roms. Thanks.
    6. liquid0624
      Thats really wierd but pls post your issues in the main release threads thanks
    7. Dj blare
      Dj blare
      problem just upgraded to lfy 1.95 and im stuck on the touch the droid message it wont go forward
    8. barracudacm
      Hey liquid just a quick question.. do I have to wipe and format if coming from 1.6
    9. Dj blare
      Dj blare
      great job man but as you can see im a junior droid pretty new and i want to learn more can you tell me if there is a post on installing roms cuz i tried to install the watermark theme from liquid frozen yogurt but it didnt work it installed it and rebooted but got stuck on the droid logo pls help thank you
    10. abraham3660
      Hey Liquid, Love your ROMS! Thank You so much. I was just wondering if I could know when we could expect Liquid v1.7 Rom release. Thanks
    11. h0mewreck3r
      I see your post for the LFY 1.6. You mention that all the downloads are on Premium ROM Manager but I don't see any other than Birdman's FlyX. Is it because I am on the droid X?

    12. Jim 777
      Jim 777
      Hey Liquid.
      Been through a lot of ROMs as many have and even though had a rough start with it, am pretty hooked on 1.6, I haven't changed ROMs in just over a week! :D

      Anyway, love the Blueberry theme (I knew I would from the screen shots) and the black underlying theme as well which bring me to my question. When in Gmail and the messages are loading, you can't see the text where it says "loading messages" or "No connection". The text color is so close to the black. Was wondering if that could be an easy fix? Other than that, pretty golden.

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