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Aug 25, 2012 at 9:42 AM
Feb 11, 2010
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Theme Developer, from Florida

Theme Developer
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Aug 25, 2012
    1. Tsip85
      whatever u want to do. I have the time. I'm a tech teacher so I sit behind my laptop all day and play with my Droid!
    2. Tsip85
      :) Thought you's like that. Found it on Zedge. I love the dog!
    3. Tsip85
      HA! No. That pic was taken after a good football game my kids played this year. Other guy I coached with had just txtd me a pic of a couple of Natty Lights and a bottle of wine. Had to show him what real men drink after a "W"
    4. Tsip85
      LOL...My first friend! Now I feel really special! I liked the wallpapers, but I think you're really going to like the one I found. It has quite abit going on, but it's cartoony. You'll dig it. Might have to post a sneak peek in the UD 2.3 Themes thread so more people will bug you to release this incredible theme!
    5. Tsip85
      I'll post some screen shots here in a bit. Do you want me to post them in the Rocking Rainbows thread or in the UD 2.3 themes thread? Or, do you want me to hold off on posting screen shots? And I'll test themes for you anytime if they are of this quality!!!:yr1:
    6. Tsip85
      Everything is working great. Had the Market FC on me once or twice, but no problems since. I don't play many games w/ 3D graphics, so I don't really care about quandrant scores. Everything is running smooth. But, I'm going to flash another kernel just to see if I get a problem. I was testing a Slayher 1200 kernel beofore you asked me to check this out. I'm going to see how it runs on that. Other than that....release this sucker. People are missing out!!!!! If you think of something you want me to check within the ROM, let me know.
    7. Robbie72
      Yeah I was using 2.3.0 the only thing I wiped was cache 3 times and it worked like a charm. I didn't try my browser but now that you mention it it doesn't work. It forces close. A new like would be awesome. Thanks again.
    8. Robbie72
      It is AMAZING on mine. Thank you so much.
    9. LadyAngler
      Ud 2.3.0. Is just being a pain to install the theme to. I started with UD 2.0 a month ago. Cakes has ported the theme to UD 2.3.0 but real trouble getting everything to install. If u get a bootloop. Restore your back up. I am having to free up space in UD settings before installing the theme. Because UD 2.3.0 is such a big rom. Or you can just wait till we figure out why. Blackdroid-UD is helping us. Sworry, doing my best! I might have to take a breather tomorrow though. This thing is killing me!!! LOL
    10. Robbie72
      What ROM is it for now that it needs ported?
    11. Robbie72
      That's okay. I am running UD 2.3.0
    12. Robbie72
      Okay. I will wait for another day or so....I am all jittery and twitchy waiting for this. See what you do to me?
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