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Theme Developer, from Florida

Theme Developer
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Aug 25, 2012
    1. xkape
      Yes there is. inside the framework-res.apk file, go into the values folder and open up styles.xml with notepad. Do a search for widget.keyboardview hit find next (so you are basically finding it twice) then about 6 lines fdoen or so its says font coler ffffffff just change the ff to yours. For example, the red I use would be ffbc1010.
    2. Tsip85
      Ha! not at all. When I restored my phone to UD 2.3 it was all set up with my widgets and everything and ruuning very smooth. So I just decided to leave it be for a while. But...if you need me to test anything, I'm always game. I've been laughing my arse off at all the posts I've been reading about people "losing" their market. Been there!!!!
    3. LadyAngler
      kk, that is a good idea. :) good nite
    4. Tsip85
      yeah...decided not to mess with anything tonight. and I saw what you're talking about with how market is named. I know right now it is Vending. Same for the one I have saved on my SD. might have flashed one that was vending with lower case. no worries as all is working normal now. will probably flash 2.5 tomorrow. haven't read up yet to see if there are many bugs.
    5. Tsip85
      I'm about to send my class to lunch and grab a quick bite to eat myself. I'll be back in my classroom around noon and I'll hit you up.
    6. Tsip85
      I saw that in the thread as I was going to bed. Don't know if that's what it was or not. I would think that I would have seen it, but maybe I over looked it. Installing the ROM now. Hopefully I can get it set up right, then I'm going to do a full back up and install 2.5 to check it out. I'll back it up as well so I can switch back and forth if you need me to test anything.
    7. Tsip85
      NAh...this is fun for me. I'm going to install the themed ROM in the morning. I'll wipe and after install, I'll restore the data only that I made this morning. I'm not going to backup data now with everything I screwed up. :) Anyway, I should be good to go. No worries, and I'm still game to test out anything you want me to. Just need to make sure I don't screw up on my end again! Thanks again for the help...i'll let you know how things go tomorrow.
    8. LadyAngler
      Did you wipe first b4 installing back up. I think the only way u can fix is to wipe.


      A) start fresh with either a just UD2.4.0 or the themed one (possibly can still use a data only tho, hopefully)

      B) if you are installing a backup u still should wipe first. But installing a backup of when things still weren't right isn't going to fix the issue.

      You poor thing! No more testing for a while!
    9. Tsip85
      ok, here's where I'm at...even more perplexed than ever. I flashed my backup, and had a market .apk saved on my SD. I copied it over and when I rebooted all was working perfectly. Even checked Handcent and it was bone stock. Apparently I made the backup before I put that theme on it. So, I then went into Recovery and flashed your theme that I just downloaded. When I market! Also, Handcent was not themed. Went to manage apps to un install updates on Handcent, and now Handcent won't load. Guess it's time to DL your ROM.
    10. LadyAngler
      No we can fix
    11. Tsip85
      not too frustrated. I can usually figure out where I went wrong and come up with a solution. this one jsut has me a bit perplexed. I just restored my backup and I still have no market. But I have one more idea left. If it doesn't work, off to the Rescue Squad I go!!
    12. Robbie72
      Yeah I use stock. I should try handcent since everyone raves about it.
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