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Mar 22, 2010
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Jul 25, 2010
    1. securitynick
      I haven't used the Corporate Directory app since I rooted my phone a little over a month ago until today. Now, I get an error that says:

      Application Not Supported:
      This application depends on software that is only available on DROID by Motorola. Please go to the Manage application setting and uninstall this application.

      Any ideas for a fix? I realize that not everyone would be using this since you need an Exchange account for this to work to begin with. Any ideas if it's doing this because I'm rooted? Obviously this is not an app that you use all the time, but a very valuable app to have when you need it and need to access people within your organization but not in your contact list.
    2. samh1210
      Hey koush,
      I was wondering if you could get me the rom manger pro for free since i am not allowed to pay. Thanks reply when possible
    3. aloha Hailey
      aloha Hailey
      I can stalk you everywhere-lol,..
    4. jrummy16
      I sent you a pm here with some questions.
    5. jrummy16
      I will next update.. Did you get any of my emails.. I haven't heard back from you on a couple things...
    6. thebourbonnflip
      about your clockworkmod launcher....if you are putting the 4persistant icons....can you make it as an option(and some tweaks to the launcher itself would be nice as well). cause IMO and some others dont really like those 4icon things.
    7. bobohood
      I too flashed the new UD 8, cant find Rom Manager on market, my meid is A0000015B65224
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