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December 25


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Feb 24, 2012
    1. DoctorDeDroid
      Thanks for the "like"!
    2. combatmedic870
      Just wondering if you could update the OP for the
      [h=2][ROM]-[MikRoms]-Incredible 2 HD v1.0.1[sense 3.5 GB 2.3.5] very stable and beautiful[/h]to all of the current change logs and everything via....


      [ROM]-MikRoms-Incredible 2 HD v2.0.1[sense 3.5 GB 2.3.5]-Updated-[9-30-2011]

      He just went to version 3.0.0.
      newtoroot has alot on his plate so cant expect for him to update the OP on every forum he posts on and this is one bad mamajama of a rom! a sense rom, that runs as fast as a aosp!
    3. Stelv
    4. theDmanVR6
      Hey dumb question, but how do i move a thread into another forum. I was going to just copy and past my thread into the forum i want to move it to but then i couldnt figure out how to delete the old one.
    5. EFINmotoX
      Hi Darling. Miss you over on the Inc Forum, Probably see you over here now that I'm an X...
    6. ShutDown
      Hey, you busy? Got i DINC i think i bricked and was wondering if you could help me out lol.
    7. chalie1980
      i was told to come ask you a question,
      i installed the incredibly re-engineered rom and when i hit the phone button on the homescreen task bar i guess u call it, it opens hulu and not my phone button.

      but all i want is a decent rom that i can sync a wiimote up to my droid incredible, and would be nice if it had flash too for hulu....but more importantly the wiimote capabilities....any ideas?
    8. pr2k
      hello, sorry to bother you but it seems you are the most knowledgeable person here. I unrooted my incredible to stock root and got s-on back. everything seems to be working except everytime i attempt to make a call i get a message from verizon the their network cannot recognize my phone. I attempted *288 to activate the phone and it goes thru the stepts to include "your phone has been activated" but when i make a new call i get the same results, "the network cannot recognize your phone" Any ideas. please.....
    9. Orionalias
      question. in following your guide to rooting via unrevoked, how do i exit hboot after confirming/installing the updated driver? after that step, you begin the next by saying start the phone in normal mode. how do i go from hboot to a normal startup? much appreciated.
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