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Aug 14, 2010
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Jan 17, 2013
    1. chkmate
      Crashing out for the night, hope this helped a little. Do notice I'm still on the first rubiX, so I don't know how 928 reacts to the newer version's. Proceed with caution.
    2. chkmate
      I deodexed with 928's Theme then installed rubiX .03 Blurry. It wiped out 928 and then I just reinstalled it. Just make sure you do a nandroid in case something goes wrong for you. Everyone's phone acts different.
    3. chkmate
      I used the same 928 Droid Black Glass X DeodexEERRR Theme as I did before. The only small issue I ever have is the slide on my lockscreen will freeze from time to time and do a shallow reboot on me. But that could be cause I used ROM Manager to install. But it's worth it for me, love the look.
    4. DroiDTalenT
      i think i want to check out rubix, never changed my rom before. does it matter what state my phone is in, odex or deodex? currently deodexed, but have a backup of odexed
    5. chkmate
      My calender to the far left is the Agenda Widget which is set up blue. And the rest is Black Glass Theme. Of course my Spider Man background has a little glowing blue to him too.
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