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Dec 19, 2009
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Feb 17, 2017
    1. richpow
      Hey, im trying to unroot my droid incredible and i have to send my phone back within 2 days. Can you please help me and explain a quick way for me to unroot it. maybe a video? I didnt root my phone but I know its the one that uses the super user that looks kinda like a ninja. Can you please help me out? If you can help me i really do appreciate it.
    2. JDraco18
    3. bbbennington
      hi, you seem like an all knowing kind of figure when it comes to fixing androids so.... I have and Incredible and i cant get it past the clockworkmod boot screen. When I turn my phone on it'll turn on going right into the boot screen, when i select to start the phone up it just sends me to the clockworkmod boot screen, and no matter what option i choose it says it cant find or install anything from my SD card or any drives from the phone itself. this happened after i rooted then downloaded gingerbread, only to realize it was the version on the Nexus S (which i was not a fan of) i wanted to keep Sense on my phone, prior to the install i downloaded 2.2 on my SD but when i tried to load anything it wont do anything.
      the computer wont recognize my phone, and no matter the SD card i put into it, it says theres nothing on the card. Is it basically bricked? and if so is there anyway to not make it look like i rooted it, so i can take it back to verizon?
    4. Orionalias
      first off, great writeup for rooting here...How to root the HTC Incredible. | doug piston. you and enlightened are really helping people out. within that writeup you mention how to move from hboot to a normal startup, following confirmation/installation of the updated drivers. simply highlight and select "reboot". my droid inc hboot list doesn't seem to have "reboot" and i was wondering if you knew what may be the issue. it's fully up to date, but my hboot list only has flashboot, recovery, clear, simlock, and factory reset. any idea what's up? thanks!
    5. dadajack
      Hey Doug. You still running that same old ROM? I got mine to run faster by doing the wipe as you suggested, but there was still too much time between transitions, so i switched to a different AOSP. Lithium mod has been pretty good so far. Hope you are having a swell holiday season so far. too bad we wont get any LTE for Christmas though. :P
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