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Mar 27, 2013
    1. mikeofmikes83
      I haven't seen a free one O.o I should probably look harder though idk. I wish the swype beta would reopen, I got my google app inventor beta invite, but still no swype beta invite. Meh. Btw thx for the add :)
    2. LadyAngler
      I think you just tried to chat with me on Gtalk. I must have messed it up somehow. I meant to accept. It won't give me a do over. Can't find you. So sorry! Do over when you have time. Reading up on UD8. Looks nice. The music player controls on lock screen will be cool.
    3. LadyAngler
      LOL, your funny! Yes, your theme is BEE YEW TEA FUL! It will go perfectly with my wallpaper. I have been working on changing some of my icons to have pink accents. Lithium mod came with most of the common icons already themed pink. Launcher pro lets you replace icons. But you have to keep them in a folder on gallery. I will look into the gtalk. Haven't used that b4. LOL. Rainbow rom tomorro would be great. But, I am in no hurry. Take your time. Just wanted a rom that was a little more current than Lithium. But I wasn't willing to give up my pink for it! :yahoo:
    4. mikeofmikes83
      hi :) bill said that your using a keyboard replacement thats similar to swype, but said that he couldnt specifically remember the name of the app. I was poking around in the market looking for it and all I see is slideit. I'm definitely not excited about having to shell out the ~$8 to get it, but I'm getting tired of having to find newer versions of swype everytime they decide to release an update. grrrrr anyway, thanks :D
    5. LadyAngler
      Hi CC, I see you have Audible App from your UD8 screen shot. Besides texting, I listen to audiobooks on my droid all of the time. I spent over $400. on audible books this year. Had to cut myself off. Now I download from library and use Mort Audiobook Player. You probably have Mort as well though, lol. Thank you so much for offering to share your rainbow/pink theme. I will not share it with anyone.
    6. everstar80
      Thanks. Its under droid general discussions under the thread droid x or wait, it's the last page of that thread.
    7. everstar80
      Hey Corinacakes, i hope your day is going well. There is a post i want you to check if you get the chance. There a member called ram1000 on droid general discussions that is going on this rant about how droid sucks and all the problems that he has with his droid. I tried to explain that it may be his device, then he starts throw insults. I was only trying to help. Maybe as a super moderator, you can read what's been said and possibly get him to understand. I know everyone is free to say what they feel but he is going on a rant that's going to make alot of people angry. The thread is droid x or wait. If you can i would really appreicate it. Thanks
    8. everstar80
      Thank you Corinacakes for wishing me a happy birthday.
    9. huskerkate
      yeah, she pinches herself every day just to make sure she's not dreaming....

      nah, that would be a little over the top - i'm all about the subtlety. ;)
    10. huskerkate
      only on game day ;) besides, my wife knew what she was getting into by marrying a Husker. and if she didn't, the fact that i had the limo driver turn on the Husker game from our wedding to our reception pretty much sealed it... :D

      actually, believe it or not, it is quite popular with my kids for "crazy hat day" at school.
    11. huskerkate
      whew! i was just trying to figure out how to do it myself... sorry about that!

      that hat is always popular with the ladies... HA!!
    12. tom_hyperbees
      I'm really glad you like it :)
      DF is my favourite forum, I was searching for beta testers here, there's very active thread about another game we published - Impossible Level Game and I always start posting about new games from DF.
      I will let you know before the next beta tests start (should be in 2-3 weeks max).
      Again, BIG thank you for your kind words and feedback!
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