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Dec 28, 2009
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Jun 1, 2014
    1. BUckeyemike84
      Hey Chevy! Are you planning on building a ROM for the GNex when it comes out?
    2. shane1
      First off, love your roms. I got a d3 when it came out,now that it has a recovery if you plan on porting I would love to be a tester. Thanyou for all the great work
    3. kc5tdr
      Hey Chevy did you get the green battery.png's I sent ya? Is that how you want them or did you want me to make them like the ssx 2.0 ones but green?
    4. symdev88
      Hey chevy, can you send me a link to SS 4.95 ?? My Droid doesn't like gb as much. Thanks.
    5. ChevyNo1
      Oh wow - take care of you dad man! Do not worry anything about donations - that is of your own free will - but FOR SURE take care of your dad before anything else - I hope he gets better quickly, first things first!!
    6. coovee
      i will not forget what i said about donating to you for your awesome work. i had to quit my jobs to care for my dad who almost died in a motorcycle wreck last week so it's going to take a bit.
    7. DaSnOoTeRKiNG
      Hey also mirrored themed
    8. drust
      finally flashed simply stunning (blue, AMAZING) with 800mhz ulv kernel..droid 1
      booted fine the first few times.
      now im stuck with it not booting up at all and stuck in the SS boot page(logo still spinning)
      I believe it is the kernel but i cant find one outside rom manager.. help

      edit: found kernel buried on sdcard
      tried reflashing but still boot loop... not sure if i should just recover and try from scratch
    9. jshafer817
      Can you please tell me how to compile my own module? I have tried to compile with make LOCALVERSION= and even editing the Makefile...

      I am thinking insmod -f wont work, so it has to be EXACT. I need loop.ko
    10. KZIWarrior
      Chevy, Thanks for all your work with the OG, I'm off to the Thunderbolt though, would LOVE to see SS on the bolt, any chance of that happening or are you waiting for a particular device??
    11. wricks
      Guess I'll grab some lunch first....."I'll be back".
    12. ChevyNo1
      Sorry, should have said 10am PHOENIX TIME, not MST - no daylight savings here, so it's barely 9:30am!
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    D1 GB (10/17/2011) - Simply Stunning Gingerbread v5.6 (2.3.7) - from Source - 10/17/2011
    DX GB (10/17/2011) - Simply Stunning X Gingerbread v2.2 (2.3.7, GB Kernel) - from Source - 10/17/2011

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