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    1. dvdcatalyst
      Sorry, it only allows messages of a certain length, so I had to split it into multiple parts.

      Start at the bottom and work your way up :)
    2. dvdcatalyst
      So, it's better to have the video player do the upscaling, because you can use a file with a smaller filesize while maintaining the same quality.

      In the DVD Catalyst manual, there is a section called VGA vs QVGA that attempts to shine a bit more light on this.

      You can also find some info here

      DVD to Verizon Droid | Tools4Movies, the official home of DVD Catalyst
    3. dvdcatalyst
      Making video bigger is done the same way as making a picture bigger. The individual pixels are just made bigger. 1 pixel will end up being 2 pixels
      But, more pixels means more bits are needed to keep the same quality.

      In an extreme example, say you convert a 320x240 video to 640x480
      the video size is doubled in both ways, so in total you end up with 4x more pixels. The Kbps value needed for 320x240 needs to be multiplied by 4 to maintain the same visual quality, resulting in a 4x bigger file, and it does not look any better.
    4. dvdcatalyst
      DVD's have a screen size of something like 720x480, or if you take the aspect ratio with it, it would be something like 848x480, 1024x576. If you remove the black borders alone, you end up with 720x360, 848x380 or something along those lines. If you use the "Remove black bars from device" setting in DVD Catalyst, it will calculate the part of the sides that needs to be cut off by virtually upscaling the video by maximizing the height, and removing the part that sticks outside the width. (it will calculate the width by making the 360 the selected 480 height) you end up with something like 700x360 or 640x360. Most video players automatically upscale the video to fill one part of the screen, so this will effectively make the video full-screen.
    5. dvdcatalyst
      As for the edges and screensize, DVD Catalyst does not "upscale" the video. Which means that if the resulting resolution of the video is smaller than the selected screensize, it will not adjust the size. While you can enable "upscaling" in DVD Catalyst, it only reduces the quality.
    6. dvdcatalyst
      With Handbrake, I am not sure what they do in regards of quality vs filesize. I havent used it for a while, and with their latest version it seems they removed more (all the non-Apple profiles) than that they added.
    7. dvdcatalyst
      Hi CB,

      Thank you for using DVD Catalyst.

      The filesize depends on the bitrate settings used for both audio and video, as well as the play-length of the movie. The size of the file should be pretty close to the size estimated by DVD Catalyst.
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