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Jul 19, 2015
    1. Captain Crypto
      Captain Crypto
      Thanks. I believe it was you that mentioned in the thread about bypassing the HoB so I Googled it. I didn't go that route (and I didn't go to .246 at all) because I have to have a solid, reliable phone for work and I can't afford a new one in case I totally screw this one up. For now I think I'm going to be patient and wait. That could change depending on how bored I get! Thanks again for the information. I appreciate it.
    2. herrbifi
      I know they don't like talking about this on here because they all like to use the HOB, and I have used the HOB for things and it works fine. But if you are still on 905 no root which from reading I am pretty sure you are do the following much easier.

      Download this: ADrive | Online Storage, Online Backup, Cloud Storage
      Transfer zip to your SD Card (Do not ectract it transfer the whole zip)
      Turn phone off
      Hold volume up and down at same time while pressing the power key
      Volume down to recovery then hit the volume up to select it
      Once recovery comes up I have found that it will just hang on screen and if you hit volume up and down at same time again will get you to the recovery options
      Volume down to apply update from external storage then hit power
      now select the zip file you transferred and hit the power button install will take care of the rest.
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