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Nov 12, 2009
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Aug 7, 2013
    1. furbearingmammal
      I'm happy to have helped, believe me. I'll be around, maybe a little more and maybe a little less, depends on if I can get some work or not. Most people anymore would rather buy a new computer than spend $50 to get it fixed, and unlike the Geek Squad, I don't have a major electronics chain backing me. :)

      Instead of the beer, keep an eye out. I have a book I'm going to be bringing to the epub market sooner or later (hopefully sooner), and if I do I'll see if it's kosher for me to have a link to it in my signature. Maybe buy it? Maybe even read it after that? ;)

      Enjoy the phone. I'm going to enjoy mine. CyanogenMod just dropped RC-3 and I'm going to play with the built-in equalizer for my musical needs. dancedroid
    2. furbearingmammal
    3. furbearingmammal
      Sorry for the delay. I was trying to fix my Voice Search update issue.

      Simple conversion for you to remember -- MB=1024KB, KB=1024B. so the 80,644,847B = 76.9MB, which is, as I recall, the update size for the "clean" 2.2 update. :)
    4. bpad10
      its about this wouldn't be the old update would it?
    5. bpad10
      The files were listed in order with no space....I think I have it on the phone but instead of kb's it's in bytes and I'm a chemist and not too familiar with this conversion..........Thanks again for your help.....
    6. furbearingmammal
      Simply dragging it to the open window doesn't work? That's what I always do. It just copies the file straight to the SD card.

      If you can't get it to copy then I'd download it directly on the phone and then rename it "update" via Astro and the move it to the SD card's root.
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