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    1. CorCor67
      Your question about theming...

      Put a rom that you want to theme on your pc, leave it zipped. Get 7zip if you don't have it alredy, then right click on the zip file of the rom and open archive under 7zips options. Inside thhe zip go to the folder (system) inside there you will find a file called (framework-res.apk) go inside this file and there is some folders, drag and drop both (drawable-hdpi) and (drawable-land-hdpi) these have a lot of your system files, for the app drawer you need to go (system/app/launcher) and pull the folders with the same names as the others.

      Edit your images then drag and drop back to the zip

      Hope this helps...let me know if I have confused you
    2. bhughesiii
      Thanks for your reply. I have the stuff for flashing back to stock 2.0.1 already. Used it to get rid of the nasty 2.1 OTA. I have DMUpdater installed already. I was running via the instructions from pilotcharles to have rooted 2.1 but ended up installing UD v10. Fortunately for me I had made a nandroid backup of my UD setup prior to this happening. I messed with something in the Spareparts tools and caused the power/lock button to stop working properly. I ended up restoring my backup and all is now well.

      Again thanks for your response! Have a great evening!
    3. gamemaster333
      hey, i managed to use the .sbf file that reflashes your phone to stock 2.0.1 (unrooted) there are instructions on how to do this on alldroid. I can't give the link right now b/c i'm at work but once i'm home i'll send you it. they also have the links for all the files and programs you need to reflash your phone. it seems to me that any form of cyanogenmod was causing the same problem so i would re-root using DMUpdater (after reflashing the .sbf file) and use Droidroothelper or even rom manager to flash SPRecovery. once you do that I recommend installing UltimateDroid 10. it has the same features as cyanogenmod but it uses SPRecovery (which seems more stable to me). Let me know if you have any more questions. I'll send the link as soon as i get home. =)
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    Nov 11, 1976 (Age: 44)